Start with Crap, End with Gold

October 8, 2018


Halfway through the month of September I was asked the question "How are you doing?", I responded "That's a loaded question, but I'll be okay." Then we talked about everything. Everything going on in my life the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


In all honesty the month started with crap, continued with crap, and then ended with pure gold. That's honestly the best way to explain September.


It all started with blood tests and making a ton of appointments. I get told I need to lower my stress, but with everything going on how exactly am I supposed to do that? Seriously, I asked that question, I told my doctor you're overloading me with a ton of information that all sounds horrible, how am I supposed to lower my stress after getting all of that information? 


Then shortly after getting all of my test results and looking into making an appointment with my nutritionist, I get truth bombs dumped on me. Horrible truth bombs that pushes me into sadness that I thought I had grown past. My feelings and thoughts all came crashing back and like it was fresh and new again, I broke down. It's hard to face those feelings again and you start to question why me? Or why now? At that point I felt like I was already having a crap month, might as well pile it on. Keep in mind... we were only a week in to September.


Then you have your people. Your people that are always there for you no matter what. Who care for you. 


My people showed up. Boy did they show up strong.


I had my favorite snacks waiting for me at my desk. Flowers to make me happy. A care package waiting for me in the mailbox. I felt the love when I needed it most and I felt my people there beside me. No matter how sad or betrayed I felt, I immediately felt like I needed to put everything behind me again and put focus on myself. I definitely needed my attention back on me. 


At this point in September I am focused on my diet changes and new supplements. At this same point I am also miserable. I miss my snacks. I miss potatoes. I miss sausage. I miss a lot of things at this point. Oh and cheese... I miss cheese. Potatoes and cheese. Cheese Fries. Even typing this out is torturing me. I could really devour some cheese fries right now. Chili Cheese Fries.


During this whole entire time I am looking forward to my trip to Kentucky. I have had my flight booked as soon as I got the time off to see a friend because I needed a getaway. A much needed getaway. Leading up to it I was getting extremely impatient. I wanted to see my friend, my sister wife, my girl who helps me see the way. We have been there for each other for heart wrenching tough times and the hilariously good times. She recently moved to Kentucky and I knew I needed her ASAP. I needed the fun times with her. 


So I knew September will end with gold. 


I went to Kentucky. As soon as I landed I went to the bathroom in the airport to change into a dress because we were going to Churchill Downs. We were going to watch the races. It was so much fun to sit back and just enjoy the experience. I asked before leaving if I could drink alcohol because it was on the no-no list... AND I was given the green light. Which meant I was in for the full Kentucky Experience. Which meant at Churchill Downs I was drinking Mint Juleps! It also became my new favorite drink. At this point the only thing missing was a large brimmed hat. I got to feel the rush of the races, I loved the yelling of those who had bet, and listening to those who had a science to it. I loved watching the older retired men sitting at a table with their bourbon and cigars getting ready for the next race. It was by far an experience that I never realized I missed. By mid afternoon the races were over, we weren't ready for them to be over, but it meant we were on to the next place. The next place... my oh my. I had the best roast chicken with sweet potatoes I have ever had. Even though it was just day one... I realized I have missed a few key things in the south and I knew the next day would be even better.


The next day we went to tour Jim Beam. It was more than just drinking bourbon. I got to learn so much about the process. We tasted everything throughout the process. Even the mash. If you're ever able to taste mash... just do it, once is enough. Just try it. It makes you love bourbon even more. After the tour we got to try 3 different bourbons in a souvenir shot glass. Honestly at this point I didn't think I could continue drinking bourbon, but after learning how to drink bourbon it became a bit of an art form at this point. They also served drinks there and if I remember correctly my choice was called Devil's Peach Tea. We got our drinks, put our butts in some rocking chairs, and tried to take in every moment before we HAD to leave. 


The scenery was just beautiful there and it made the perfect location for pictures, I am making the hard decision of which one I should get framed for my hallway. Then afterwards my friend took me to a restaurant that has the best fried chicken. IT WAS THE BEST CHICKEN I HAVE EVER TASTED. If it was possible I could honestly eat their chicken everyday for the rest of my life. I don't know what their secret is but I hope they past it down for years to come. The chicken was just perfect. PERFECT. The restaurant is only open 4 days out of the week. I'm sure it's so people don't get eat the chicken every day. Their lost. I need another trip to Kentucky just for that chicken. 



My last full day there we went to nulu, New Louisville. The strip we shopped along was merely indescribable. The shops were everything I never knew I wanted. I wanted to do all of my Christmas shopping on Market Street, but I brought a carry on and I short on space. One of the places we went to was called Please and Thank You. They had the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. They were... magical. Add these cookies on the list with the fried chicken. I mean they were magical. Now I am thinking about cheese, potatoes, fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies. Just great.



As you can see I put all the rules from the nutritionist out the window. I had to. I wanted to enjoy myself. I wanted to escape just for a moment, and I succeeded. I got a break from one of the crappiest months I have had this year. I got to leave my problems for 4 days and return with a new outlook. September is now behind me and moving forward is all that is left. I have the holidays to look forward to as well as my trip to Canada for Christmas. While September crushed me in more ways than I could think of, I had my people/tribe, and I conquered the month. I ended it with gold. 

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