Protein is Life

September 19, 2018

Honestly keeping a food diary sucks. It just sucks. Since my appointment I have had to log everything for a couple of reason. To make sure I am meeting my protein goal and to make sure I am getting the right amount of calories. I was told at my nutritionist appointment that I wasn't eating enough calories throughout the day, she upped my caloric intake, and then said that doesn't mean you eat like crap. I was really confused by that statement... how can I eat like crap when I am on a strict elimination diet? 


The first three days I fell short of both because I just could not eat anymore. It's a lot of damn food. Good food. Just a lot of food. The first day I reached 80 grams of protein, second day 97 grams, and then the third day 107 grams... don't ask about the fourth day... it was way below 80 grams. I was still full from the day before. I know body builders eat more protein than this, but I am honestly confused on how they do it. Someone told me the way they eat so much protein is by putting a crap ton of hot sauce on it. 


I have a scale to weigh out my protein for each meal to make sure I am getting at least 4 oz of food. What I used to think 4 oz looked like was really about 2-3 oz. Hence the reason why my protein intake got bumped up. I am spending so much money on meat. Beef was taken out of my diet so I have bought a lot of lamb, bison, chicken, salmon, and tuna. I made lamb burgers the other night... with a salad and some roasted brussels sprouts. YUM-MY! It has turned into my new favorite meal. But it was still a lot of meat... there's obviously a theme here. Side note: I don't like it when I am told by my computer that I need to capitalize brussels. I am not talking about Brussels... I am talking about brussels sprouts. 


The other night I hung out with some friends and I ordered grilled chicken, with an extra chicken breast to meet my protein goal, and a salad. At that moment I have realized that I am very limited in my options at restaurants. Luckily, I will save even more money during this time by not eating out... ever. I will say the chicken was very well cooked and wasn't dry. So that was the highlight of my chicken salad. But I mean think about it, I can't trust turkey burger patties, who knows what they are using to keep the patty together. More than likely eggs, and that has been sadly taken away from me. Bison burgers, are they mixing it with beef? Like can I really trust these restaurants? No I can't. So it leaves me with a good ol' chicken breast. 


So needless to say... I will get sick of chicken if I eat out a lot. The night out with my friends made me not want to eat chicken the next day. Which was hard because my plan was to make chicken... 


Besides me bitching about my first world problem of eating too much protein. This last week has been a whirlwind. It's honestly been information overload as well as cleansing. My ex and I took the time to sit down and talk. The beginning of the conversation was fine, but then as we continued to talk I ended up verbally vomiting all over him. He took it all in and then agreed with everything I said. Him being in agreement threw me off. I felt good afterwards. After that night I woke up feeling like my old self. My happy go lucky self. I'm back. 


It's quite amazing how the body can hold onto that energy. Holding onto negative feelings can really do a number on your body and mind. It really shines a light on why communication is so important, but not any communication, honest and open communication. If a person in your life is coming to you with means to communicate how they feel, don't dismiss them, or make them feel like they're crazy. Listen, no matter how it makes you feel, the most important thing you can do is listen and not think about your response, how to defend yourself, or how to dismiss someone. Communicating goes both ways, and if it's done right, you won't be like me with pent up feelings. The hardest part of that equation is the listening part. You may hear them but do you understand? Are you processing the tone, the feelings, the words being used? I truly believe that I have honed in on my listening skills from various workshops. In one of the workshops I have done we were given the book Crucial Conversations. If you haven't read it... you should. I will say I honestly use the skills that I learned in that book. It has helped me quite a bit.  I provided a link to amazon below. Besides my life of protein and conversations... everything else is just dandy. My workouts are going great. I am feeling great. AND soon I get to fully decorate for fall. I am so excited for fall! What are your favorite things about fall?



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Protein is Life

September 19, 2018

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