Self Care Weekend Hikes

July 25, 2018

I have been hiking more and more lately because not only is it great for my soul but it's great for Phoebe (the pup) as well. On these hikes I also get to do additional training and do real world training. She does great at the house, but when there are distractions she doesn't listen whatsoever. 


On our most recent hike we came across a pack of coyotes. She froze. It was like she saw a ghost. If someone asked me a week ago what I thought she would do, I would have honestly said I think she would chase after them. She surprised me. She stayed by my side and listened to me as best as she could, but she did follow my lead which I am still so thankful for. We back tracked down the trail we were on and made the turn to the usual trail head that we usually take. I wasn't going to let coyotes ruin our hike! This hike that we go on regularly lead us to some water that she goes absolutely crazy in. She plays with other dogs in the water. She runs up and down the shore. She can go on and on and on until I take her away from the water. It reminds me of how my dad would have to drag me away from the beach as a kid. I now completely understand how guilty my dad felt when it was time to end the fun. 


So on these hikes, even though I am paying attention to Phoebe and making sure she isn't eating anything crazy, I still get to enjoy me. This is still time for me and I take advantage of every moment of it. They seem to be getting longer and longer, which is great because both of us are enjoying the hike. So much so that they have increased. We are now doing a hike both Saturday and Sunday. The weather determines how far I am willing to drive, but we have been able to explore Colorado more and more. I mean we ran into Coyotes! This is the first time I have ran into wildlife that isn't deer or antelope. 


In about a month I will have an extra long self care hike. I am hiking another 14er. A 14er is hiking a mountain that is about 14,000 feet. Phoebe won't be along for the hike as it will be too intense for her, but it will be a great hike for me. I can't wait to share it all with you. Self care is for you and whatever your heart desires. It's about focusing on yourself and the things you love. I love nature, I love long hikes, I love Colorado. So my self-care just happens outside in this beautiful state. 


I also just realized it is International Self Care Day, how coincidental. 

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