Little French Bistro

July 7, 2018


I am back on the reading wagon. I fell off when I went through the mortgage process, the moving process, and the making it my own process. I need to use a different word than process. 


This month's review is on Little French Bistro by Nina George. I enjoyed this novel very much. I had a hard time putting it down because I just wanted to see if the main character ever finds happiness. 


I couldn't have picked a better book to read. It was honestly perfect timing as it pulled me in right away. The main character, Marianne, is unhappy with her marriage. She attempts taking her life in hopes of just escaping, but she isn't successful as someone saves her and calls for an ambulance. She's given a second chance at life. It's what she does with it that is admirable and inspiring. 


Recently I have gone through heartbreak myself and have taken some time to find myself or time to enjoy the things I love. Marianne, who is in her sixties, is just doing this later in life. 


Everything she did, I wanted to do. Every experience, every feeling, every piece of it, I wanted it. Now since I am half the age of the main character so I obviously want to take her approach to living sooner. Which leaves me to how inspiring this novel is.

As a reader, I love escaping into the story and I was able to do just that. Nina George wrote this so eloquently that I was able to feel everything that Marianne felt as well as the other characters. I connected with each one of them that I actually became jealous. How often have you been jealous of a character? Or when was the last time you were jealous of a character?


Now here is the downside, while I was able to get lost in the story line and the characters, I couldn't help but think about the timeline. It was hard to grasp how all the events were able to take place in a short amount of time. Is it possible? Sure. Is it realistic? I'm not sure. If you are able to get past the timeline plot hole then I think you would enjoy this novel for the story line and adventure. I also hope that you find it just as inspirational as I did. 


Side note... I am really proud of myself for not giving any spoilers. Follow me on goodreads, I love this app as it helps me find the next read, but I also get to connect with other readers. My goal for the year is to read 50 books. I won't share every single book read on here but you will see me mark it off on there. 


I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend, I know I will, we will have great weather here in Colorado Springs, so I am hoping to get some reading done outside. 



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