Fourth of July

July 6, 2018

Happy 4th of July!


If this was any normal year I would be sharing recipes with you, but this year I am not hosting a 4th of July celebration. I went to someone else's house and I brought store bought items. SHOCKING, I know, but this was a last minute get together. It was literally put together in the 48 hours leading up to 4th of July. So unfortunately I didn't have the time to put in my usual effort. Bummer, I know! 


While we had a great time, I wanted to share how this year was different. We currently have a fire ban. No open fires. No Fire Works. We have had an extremely hot and dry summer so far and new fires are popping up what seems like daily. One of the fires was started by lightening another was started by a spark from a welding job so it's important that we are being safe and cautious with our efforts.

So this year we barbecued and played some yard games. We got to just hang out and enjoy each others company. We had a ton of food and appetizers and surprisingly there wasn't that many leftovers. Which is always a good sign. 


I brought my puppy to my friends house as she has a puppy as well. Those two played ALL day long. The only time they took a break is when they got too rough and we had to break them up, it was then that those two took a quick power nap before continuing to play. The next day Phoebe slept all day long. She only got up to pee and eat. I tried playing with her in the morning before work like usual and she just stared at me... same thing happened when I got home. Which was great for me because I was tired from the night before of the fireworks going off. 


Even though we are under a ban many people still drove out of state to buy their fireworks. Which is slightly upsetting as it could cause a lot of damage. A couple grass fires popped up and were put out pretty quickly, but those still could have been prevented. I had a neighbor shoot off fireworks until 2 am. Both the puppy and I got barely any sleep. The cops were driving back and forth trying to find the person, I know this because the spotlight was nice and bright, but they didn't get caught because they were shooting them off every 30-45 minutes. So it was a very long night. 


Luckily as I am writing this a few of the fires are more contained, our firefighters are working endlessly and the efforts are greatly appreciative. I love our firefighters and I hope they are staying safe. 

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