Self Love Sunday

June 25, 2018


I have been hiking a lot more since I have adopted Phoebe. This is great because we both get plenty of exercise. We get to enjoy Colorado and I get my much needed me time. 


You're probably thinking why I need me time if I live alone with two animals. When I am in my house I think about everything that needs to be done. All the projects I need to work on. Items that need to be dusted. Etc. Etc. Etc. When I am on a hike I get to reflect and think and it becomes my Self Love Sunday. A Sunday hike is now becoming tradition for me. Or I should say for us as I include Phoebe. 


So what happens during my reflection time? 


Well I think about my week. I think about what goals I have set for myself and if I reached them or not. If I don't reach any goals then I think about what happened. I don't look at the excuse of "I ran out of time" I look at the sequence of events. What was the underlying cause. I do this because then I get to fully understand the whole picture. If I just continue making excuses then I'm not taking responsibility for not completing something. So what do I do after I figure out that underlying cause? I look at what I can do to improve when something unexpected happened. 


For example, this past week I didn't complete my workout goals. I skipped two workouts. The first day I made the excuse that instead of having lunch by myself I had a work function. I usually workout during my lunch and this work function prevented that. Well this work function wasn't impromptu. I knew about it for weeks. It was my fault that I didn't prepare for an alternative plan. The second workout that I missed? I got a massage instead. Still self love, but the workout that I missed was a tough workout. To take full advantage of that massage I should have worked out in the morning so that way my massage was more beneficial than it already was. Ownership. 


Too many times I hear excuses. When excuses are constantly being created you are creating a victim mindset. Don't make yourself a victim, take ownership of your day. 


Back on track to my reflection. I then think about my goals for the upcoming week and month. What I plan to do when something unexpected comes up and how I plan to handle it. I also think about not putting myself in the same position twice. Like blaming a work function that I knew about weeks in advance. Next, I think about this blog and how sometimes I think I have failed. It's okay to fail, but what you do afterwards matters. More on that to come. I have a lot on the topic of failure. 


I also think about topics and my future. I envision my future on how I want it to look and what I need to do to get there. I think about the kind of work I need to do. The steps I need to take. The ideas I have to help get there. This whole entire time I am constantly pulling out my phone and making a note of all these thoughts. I don't want to lose them!


Usually by this point I have come to a point in my hike that I can sit down and take it all in. Have you ever taken a hike only to realize how small you are. Looking over Colorado Springs from a high vantage point sometimes brings that feeling to me. I always have to remember this is all physical. Not mental.


I usually sit down for a few moments. I have my dog with me so sometimes meditation doesn't fully work. But those few moments to myself mean the world to me. I feel a sense of accomplishment on the hike, I feel a sense of relief for talking to myself through problems the entire time, I feel happy because I am able to do this for myself, I am thankful that I have the time to do so, I feel serene. 


I have found a new tradition. I don't know what I am going to do come Winter, but as of right now, I am enjoying my weekly Sunday hike. 


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