I'm a Meal Prepping Junkie

May 23, 2018

You guys have heard this multiple times already.... but I AM SO HAPPY I AM IN MY HOME! 


I loved being with my sister and I am so thankful she is here in Colorado. But there is nothing like having your own home. I am getting back into my routine. Including MEAL PREPPING!


There were a number of factors on why I fell off the wagon of meal prepping. One being I was just out of it. I don't know if it was depression or what, but I felt lost. My world had just turned upside down and I didn't know what to do anymore. I stopped working out, I stopped practicing yoga, and I stopped eating healthy. I started working out here and there but I just wasn't giving it my all. But I kept thinking at least I am doing something, that's all that matters, right? Yes and no... but more to come on that.


Well then I bought my beloved treadmill, or what I like to call my "therapy session". Who knew I would fall in love with running. But I have. Now that I am back to working out regularly, I needed to fuel my body correctly. I mean I REALLY need to fuel it correctly.


There would be times that I would eat crappy and then try to work out... UHH? Yeah you read that correctly, because obviously that makes zero since. I was setting myself up for a failed workout. I was setting myself up for incorrect expectations. 


So I started meal prepping again! Yay! I went to my favorite stores, got the stuff I needed for my favorite foods, and I cooked and prepped and prepped and prepped. My fridge is full of the good stuff. This made me so happy because it felt like I was getting back on track. 


I also wanted to share with you what my fridge looked like when I was done as well.




As you can see everything is organized and some of it is ready to just grab and go. My kind of meals. While I love cooking some days when I get home from work I just want to relax. So I meal prep. Also I didn't want to continue eating crappy food. When I meal prep I also get to think about other things throughout the week instead of what I am going to eat. It's honestly very relaxing. 


Now let me back track to my comment about not giving it my all during a workout. I wanted to back track because yes, it was great that I was moving again. Yes I was being somewhat active. But no it wasn't good that I wasn't giving it my all. One thing that I do know is that I was still expecting results. I was still thinking I will lose weight, tone my arms and legs, and really improve my stamina and endurance without giving it my all. You won't see any changes unless you are fully committed to your workout. But my head wasn't in the game, and sometimes it still isn't there, but I take it day by day. 

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