Why I spent my weekend working on someone else's house

May 21, 2018

What a long title! Am I right?!


While the title says a lot, what it doesn't tell you is that someone else is my ex. Yup, him and I are still friends and still there for each other. When I need help he helps and when he needs help I am there for him too. We both bought houses and both need our handy work. His a little more than mine, but they both need work needless to say. 


So why did I work on his house this past weekend instead of my own? Because he will help me with mine. Also, I get to practice on projects I have never experienced unlike him. That sounds horrible, but his house needs a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK. Mine, not so much, just cosmetic projects. But when it comes time for me to tackle my outlets and light switches... I will know what to do. 

My ex has worked in various home projects for a long time so I get to learn a lot from him. So this past weekend while working on his house, I made him teach me a lot. I MEAN A LOT. I'm like his trainee. My brain is completely full of random facts that I can now use in my own home, and it will also help me save money. The more I can do on my own the better.


So what did we do this weekend?


I helped pull up tack strips from when he ripped up the carpet. I used this tool that looks like a hoe, called a floor scraper. I don't know about you, but when I use any kind of tool I feel powerful. We painted two rooms in primer, because those rooms had a light tan color painted over... BLUE. Yes, tan was painted over blue. Which created this awful color. Once that primer got on those walls, those two rooms completely changed, they became so much brighter and prettier to look at. It got me excited to start painting. 


Speaking of paint! I'm not affiliated with them or anything, but there is a rebate on paint until 5/30 at Lowe's. I found this out when I was getting paint for my basement, that I am now picking out colors for the rest of the rooms. I WANT THOSE SAVINGS! Who knew I would be so excited to pick out paint and find savings on paint. Oh, speaking of savings, I found a gallon of paint for $5 while I was there in the miscolor section. It was the color I wanted for my bathroom too! How perfect is that! 


Next weekend I have plans to work on my home. Starting with my basement. I decided my plan of action is to work my way up. Currently on my ceiling is a texture that was made with a trowel with the deep groove side. The way to get those grooves down is to sand. I bought a lot of plastic tarps to get everything covered. Being in a townhome I am limited in my space, so I had to get the furniture down here, which means next weekend I wam covering all pieces so we can sand the ceiling. Side note, I have already made a massage appointment, I figured I would be sore looking up the entire time. Once we sand it down I will be painting the ceiling white. I will be sure to take lots of pictures to share this fun adventure. 


He also taught me about the electrical because both of us will be replacing outlets and light switches. All in all it was a great weekend of learning. My Sunday however was full of cleaning and more organizing in my own home. WHICH I GOT A LOT DONE! I am super proud of myself, but then that came to a halt when I was told to try out this new show. 

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