Earth Day

April 23, 2018

Yesterday was Earth Day! Did you celebrate? How?


I always think that we should be more conscious about how impact on the Earth instead of just one day a year, but I am thankful for that one day. Why am I thankful? Because then it brings those who do not think about the Earth to think about it.


I spent my weekend making my own cleaners and soaps. Now I have been doing this for a little while now, but just doing so on Earth Day made it even more special. 


I wanted to share with you a site that I use religiously! I don't know who manages the site or anything about the person. I just love the site and thought I would share it with you.


I go to Hello Glow. This is where I get all of my cleaning recipes. She explains it all very well and clear on how to use the cleaner and what not to use the cleaner on. She also provides her trials and errors so that we don't face that either. That's what I love most about this site. I get to learn from tips that are tried and true. So please give that website a shot if you are interested in making your own cleaners, soaps, and other natural DIY's. 



In addition to making my own cleaners and soaps, I also tried to volunteer. Yes, tried. I had signed up for a trail clean up here in Colorado Springs. However, Mother Nature had other plans. We got snow from Friday night through Saturday Morning. The area where we were supposed to clean had about 2 inches of snow. So unfortunately we were unable to see anything to clean. I still took the time to walk through because it was such a beautiful snow. I love being outside in Colorado. It is such a beautiful state. 



I have signed up for other volunteer opportunities with that site. I also became a member so I can be there as much as possible. I truly believe being involved in your community. If you don't take of your backyard, who will?



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