Treadmill Update

April 18, 2018

Back in February I posted about how running and yoga helped change my mindset. In the post I shared with you I told I started running and that it became my own personal therapy. Well since buying my treadmill last week I have been on that thing every day, except for one day. That one day was a rest day for me and I stretched and used my foam roller. 


So since last week I have had my daily therapy sessions with my treadmill and Aaptiv. I use Aaptiv for almost all of my workouts and with this new purchase my therapy sessions with Aaptiv and my treadmill have gone extremely well. I have the trainer in my ear at the and at the same time I am being my own cheerleader. 


This morning's workout was not so much a therapy session as my run incorporated some damn burpees. I may have cried as soon as my favorite trainer told me we were going to be jumping off the treadmill to complete them. Here is that conversation in my head.


In my head: "Maybe you can just keep running and skip that part. Who cares. Only you will know."

Seconds later... 

Trainer in ear: "You will feel so accomplished once you complete this. This is to test your limits."

In my head: "Yeah Allison. It's to test your limits just do the burpees."


After the FIRST round of burpees...


In my head: "Oh shit. Oh shit. That was hard and now I am running again. I don't know if I can do this over and over again."

Seconds later...

Trainer in ear: "I know this is hard but keep pushing..." Then she explained why strength and running work well together.

In my head: "Ohhh okay. I understand now. C'mon Allison you got this! Go faster!"


After round THREE of burpees...


In my head: "Arrrrgggghhhhhhh. This is soooo hard. Why am I torturing myself?!"

Seconds later...

Trainer in ear: *Insert something inspiring*

In my head: "Shhhhh. Tell me I can give up"

Trainer in ear: *Insert something else inspiring*

In my head: "FINE! C'mon Allison! You can do this! You're more than half way through"


Now you know what it is like in my head. And the burpees... there were 3 of them in each set after the other strength exercises. I know, I know, I am such a big baby when it comes to burpees. But honestly they can get sat on by giant gorilla and I wouldn't even feel bad. BURPEES SUCK! But the trainer... my lovely trainer in my ear... just kept talking with a smile until I completed the 33 minute exercise.


I just need to work on the way my head talks to me. She can be a downer. 




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