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April 5, 2018


Man oh man has this last week been slightly stressful. From when I started the process to now all my previous bank information and tax information needed to be updated. So I spent the last hour or so downloading and sending out all the required documents. 


I think once this process is over I will truly enjoy my new home. Also, I started picking out paint colors for all the rooms. I am super excited about painting and also decorating my OWN HOME! No more renting for me!


On a side note this past weekend I went to Pagosa Springs. I have a friend moving away and she wanted to have a weekend in Pagosa to snowboard and soak in the hot springs. She has been in Colorado for 6 years and never really ventured. Now we are trying to get everything in before she moves. On the way to Pagosa I made a pit stop at the Sand Dunes so she can see that as well. For snowboarding we spent our Saturday morning at Wolf Creek, she has never been snowboarding and we got her into some lessons. At lunch time she was getting pretty defeated but did awesome by the end of the day. We watched her go down the bunny slope a few times in between runs.


My trail runs? I got to enjoy the runs on a lovely spring day. It was about 70 degrees on the mountain... so I got to snowboard without being so bundled up. I wore my snowboard pants and my jacket over a t-shirt! I literally can't explain how nice it was outside. It was honestly the perfect day for snowboarding. 


After snowboarding we went back to the Airbnb and got ready for the hot springs. We are all tired by this point but we really wanted to get in those hot pools. We spent a few hours there trying to find the perfect temp. At the Resort Springs and Spa the different pools has different temps, we kept looking for the perfect pool, it may have taken an hour or two to find it. By the way that perfect pool was 100 degrees. The wind eventually picked up and made the temperature drop, I really didn't want to leave the hot springs, but the need for food forced me to. 


The weekend eventually came to an end but I am so happy that I was able to spend so much time with her. Our next adventure together is day drinking at the zoo. I mean what's better than booze and animals? 

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