March 23, 2018

Yes I know today is Friday.


Thursdays are my catch up day. It is filled with laundry, errands, and conversations with the cat.


Yes you read that correctly I talk to my cat, I also talk to all animals. I sometimes prefer animals over humans, I'm sure most of us do. Sometimes she can be annoying when I am doing yoga but other than that she is the greatest and sometimes humors me with a meow back like we are actually in conversation.


I also promise I am not crazy, it's normal to talk to your pet. Google it.


So this past Thursday I tried to stay positive despite being told yet another offer on a house has been denied. That is now 5 offers! 5 FREAKING OFFERS! I have been beaten out by cash buyers, maybe one day I will get to be a cash buyer but I highly despise those people right now. So I am back to the drawing board for homes. 


Even though I had that horrible news I got a lot done. I got to create my workouts that will be done at home. Some times I just don't know what to do, then at the end of those sessions I feel like I didn't accomplish anything. So previously I have stated that I use Women's Health Big Book of Exercises to create my workouts, because let's face it, my knowledge of fitness is very limited to what I have been exposed to. This book allows me to fully understand each of the moves as well as target certain areas. 


So I built my workout with moves that can be either body weight or the light weights I have on hand but still have an effective workout. We will see how I feel about the workout I created in about a week or so. 


My Thursday also consisted of subscribing to a bunch of podcasts. Do you listen to podcasts? I could use some suggestions. 


Now I am gonna go back to talking to my cat before my workout.

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