St. Patty's Day

March 19, 2018

I have a friend who is Irish... and embraces their heritage to the full extent especially since their birthday falls on St. Patty's Day.


So this past weekend I celebrated for an hour with him as he was going ALL DAY! I can't go all day with him, I have learned my lesson already with that. I honestly don't know how he does it. 


However this man, he is awesome! He has become one of my closest friends and I absolutely love him. He has always been there for me, a pseudo big brother, and an all around good guy. Him and his new girlfriend have offered to be my matchmakers. I said I would let them know when I needed the match. 


It was nice to go out with them, I needed the break from the house hunting and my day to day tasks. 


But I also remembered why I don't go downtown on holidays.


There was a parade going on so I ended up parking 10 blocks away and making the trek to the most crowded Irish Bar in Colorado Springs, Jack Quinn's. When I walked in I found my friend parked in front of the bar, throwing his coin out on the bar challenging another servicemen. Which my friend won, of course, because the other servicemen hasn't served long enough to know to always carry your coin as you'll never know when you'll get challenged. If you don't know this tradition, basically if you throw your coin out to another at the bar and they don't have theirs, they owe you a drink. So he got a free drink, quite a few times that morning.


Once he saw me he pulled me to the area they have secured because I am so short that I couldn't get in and got me a beer right away, now that is a true friend. We got to watch Irish dances, we got to listen to some great music, and people watch. That is one of my favorite things to do, people watch, except with him. He makes it a game. One Halloween we had to take a shot every time we say Harley Quinn, THAT NIGHT WAS AWFUL. I learned right then and there to never challenge him again. 


After I spent some time with him I made the trek back to my car, to check out the location of a home. I wanted to see where this house was before actually touring it, and I chose not to tour it. The area was not what I was hoping for. So back to the drawing board on houses. Then after my trek of ten blocks back and forth and driving by a house I was starving and wanted lunch. Yes, you read that right... this was all done by mid afternoon. I wanted to be home before dinner because I don't trust people out at night on holidays, too many drunk drivers. 

So that was my crazy St. Patty's Day. I'm a real party animal. Right now I am thinking about how much square feet I can actually live in. I really like a town home that has popped up... but it is about 900 square feet. How much stuff do I want to sell? Do I want to give up my workout area? Or the guest room? Because I stuff in storage for both. Now that I have typed those I don't really want to give up that much. First world problem. Am I right? 

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