February 27, 2018

When you think about self-love what do you think about?


Is it like Treat Yo'self from Parks and Rec? Is it about positive thoughts? Or how about taking care of your body? What comes to your mind when it comes to self-love?


Self-love doesn't mean going out shopping or having a spa day, it means taking the time to focus on yourself. My idea of self-love? Yoga, workouts, tea, and reading. Yoga especially because in my practice I get to focus on my mantras. 


Recently I was thinking the worst of myself. I mean think about it. A relationship ended, again, with no rhyme or reason, and I was thinking extremely horrible thoughts. I was thinking I wasn't good enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough. It was awful. Why would these thoughts come stampeding in?


My confidence was shot. My insecurities came out. I needed to take the time to change my train of thought. I have always been very independent. Life threw me curve ball and my insecurities came creeping back out. So it was important to get back to my independent confident self. 


As you all know I am now practicing yoga and meditation every day with a daily mantra. Something to either start my day with a positive state of mind or to end my day on a positive note. It varies each day. Putting a strong focus on myself and my feelings has definitely changed some things. I feel stronger. I feel more in control. I also feel more confident.


My mantra changes daily. I was browsing through Instagram one day and I came across Shannon Kaiser, author of Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Deck. I then got engulfed in her Instagram. She was sharing things that really touched me, and I knew I needed to buy this deck. NEEDED. I bought this deck and I started my morning with a card. My first card was "My Happily Ever After Is Me". I mean how perfect is that card. Think about it, I am down in the dumps about a breakup, thinking the worst possible things, and here is this card kick starting me back into gear to be my positive happy-go-lucky self. Daily affirmations and mantras, who knew? I honestly didn't expect this to be my way of self-love.


Now here I am waiting for my tea to steep so I can take the time for myself and relax before ending my day with some yoga.

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