How Running and Yoga Changed My Mindset

February 16, 2018

Who knew I would start shopping for a treadmill. I honestly never thought I would be the person to buy one. For a while there I thought they would be a waste of money for me, because anytime I buy something large I think about how much will I actually use this piece of equipment. My intentions are high but will they actually be there. 


Running has become a therapy for me. I just lose myself into the run. I have been running anywhere from 2-4 miles a day. The January Challenge on my Apple Watch was a breeze for me to complete. It was to complete 117 miles I think. I can't remember. I just know I surpassed it with all my running and working out. And I have my friend to thank. She had a treadmill at her house that I got to use.


I used to think I wasn't a runner, but now I think, if you can run, you are a runner. Who cares if you run a slow mile? Who cares if you take walking breaks? I mean in all honesty who the hell cares?! You are doing something for you and that's all that matters.  


When I "tried" running a while back I gave up because I got in my head. I kept thinking I'm not a good runner, I don't know how to run well, I wont' be able to run far, why am I running, etc. The list went on and on, and it was SO negative. I usually don't think so negatively but in this case it was hard to combat and is still hard to do so.


Self-love. Practicing self-love is where it is at. Now when I run my thoughts have slowly changed. The negative ones will pop in every once in a while, but it's important to keep the positive ones stronger. 


"Just a little bit longer."


"Don't lower the speed yet, you got this."


"Okay, lower the speed... but just a little. Not too much where this is easy."




Yes... I TALK TO MYSELF! I am my own cheerleader and I am freaking awesome! If you have been with me for a while now you know that I use Aaptiv. I'm sure you are sick of hearing about Aaptiv but it freaking rocks! It is my go-to for workouts. I love seeing my progress and I love hearing the cues from the trainers. Especially when it comes to form. I honestly think that I am enjoying running so much because I finally have the correct form, I am no longer in physical pain, which makes running that much more enjoyable. 


Despite talking to myself or listening to the trainer, I get to escape into my stride and into the music. I clear my head. I focus on myself. I listen to my breathing, my heart rate, my steps. I am in the moment of the run. It's no longer a workout... it's a therapy session.


Which now brings me to Yoga... my other therapy session. 


I started practicing every day. I have fitness goals in mind but a healthy mind is just as important. So far I have mixed my practices with flow sequences and meditations. I will be honest, some days I can't stop looking at the clock, wondering when this will be over. I feel like Liz Gilbert when she was trying so hard to meditate and it wasn't working. Time moved slow for her. Some days I feel the same way. Luckily mine is only 30 minutes as opposed to her 3 hours. 


Then other days... I feel as though time flew by and I was only in practice for 10 as opposed to 30 minutes to an hour. Its an amazing feeling coming out of a great practice. My mind is clear, I am able to focus, and I feel like me. I feel grounded. Centered. Relaxed. I mix up my practice for either morning or night. Maybe one day I will practice multiple times throughout the day. On my days off I like to start off the morning with my practice and then on the days I work I like to end the day with it. 


Now running and yoga may not be your thing. But I fell into running. I decided to just lace up my shoes and jump on the treadmill. I didn't quit when I wanted to. I kept going... and soon enough it became so natural to me, as well as yoga. If something scares you still go for it. Push yourself. You never know, it may become the thing you love and the thing you crave for when you have an extremely stressful day. 

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