Officially Moved

February 15, 2018

I have disappeared and I am sorry! But just so you know I am officially moved! Kind of. 


Majority of my stuff is in a storage unit. I am in my sisters house. And I am booking a trip to Costa Rica as well as about to start the process of buying a home. 


A lot has been going on and during the last few weeks including losing the motivation to write. I needed to focus on myself. As you all know I was house sitting for about two weeks and during that two week time frame it was me and 4 animals... out in the middle of no where. I had a lot of time to myself. A lot of time to think. And a lot of time to dwell on negative thoughts. The negative thoughts consumed me at times and that's not healthy whatsoever. But you can't escape it. I either needed to face everything going on or run. Running wasn't and still isn't an option. 


I needed to take the time to kick those negative thoughts to the curb. I did this through exercising, yoga, and mantras. Lots of self love. I didn't want to dwell on why my relationship ended anymore and I didn't want to think it was my fault. It would have worked if it could. If it was meant to be it would have worked. So I channeled my energy elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I still gave myself time to mourn over the ending of a very loving relationship, in fact I still give myself the time every once in a while. Because you can't run away.

So the last few weeks was a large focus on myself and I can't wait to do that again in a couple of months in Costa Rica. 


I strongly suggest taking the time for yourself every once in a while. You are number one, and if you aren't happy, everything else in your life will be miserable as well. And a word of advice... don't throw your life away to start fresh thinking it will fix everything, it's a temporary band aid. You need to take time for yourself to really understand the root cause of your unhappiness.


Now how did this post about moving go into talking about your feelings. Because if you have moved before especially after a break up you know it's nothing full of feelings. 


So I hope you stay on this journey with me going forward because you may be seeing a whole different side of me. 


Welcome to My World of Sunshine.

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