House Sitting

January 29, 2018

Currently I am house sitting, which is totally awesome because I am away from my house right now. I get to clear my mind and focus on the future. 


Also, now that I am out of the house, I haven't talked to him unless it's essential, like about the storage unit, moving things, and the house being shown. Or about the cat, he misses his little boy (I turned him into a cat person). House sitting came at the perfect time in my opinion. Even though I am at a two week stall for packing, I am enjoying my time out of the situation and the daily reminders.


Essentially I am out in the middle of nowhere. I have woken up to deer walking through the property, snow, and a nice long hour drive to work. Do you know what that means? Lots of reflecting. Lots of goal making. Lots of self care and love. 


So besides my heartbreak and reflection, let me tell you about this adventure called house sitting. My friend has two cats and a dog, I also brought my cat with me, which means a total of 4 animals. One cat hates everything. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING! I am pretty sure this cat is plotting my murder. I have gotten her to meow at me a couple times which is a major improvement from the hisses I receive from her anytime I am in her vicinity. The hisses scare me sometimes because I can't see her and then all of a sudden I am being hissed at from behind a wall or from around the corner. 


The other cat and my cat are getting along very well. They play with each other, chase each other, and even boop each other. The mean one will corner my cat, all you hear is hissing, growling, and distress meows. When the other one hears this he will come and check it out, like he is protecting the kitten. It's super cute. I am now calling them brothers! This morning I woke up to him laying on the bed instead of my cat, I don't know where Lupin, my cat, went. 

The dog on the other hand just minds his own business. He will try to play but the cats are too fast for him. So I feel bad that he gets left behind. Him and I will have fun, he follows me everywhere. He brings me cat toys to throw. I have no idea where he is getting them, but him and I are enjoying the company. My friend told me stories that the mean cat will ride the dog up the stairs. Like she claws onto his back and rides him UP THE STAIRS... he's a dachshund. Poor little wiener dog. 


I'm only here for another week... my goal this week is for the mean one to let me pet her. I'm slowly working on her to LOVE me! She has shown her face more and more which I think is good. Unless she is plotting on how to kill us. Right now as I type this she is laying less than 3 feet away from me. WHICH IS THE CLOSEST SHE HAS EVER BEEN! I'm telling you... its progress... and not death.

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