Yoga Update

January 19, 2018


Have you ever looked up the definition of yoga? Some sites will state that it is the practice of meditation, movements, and breathing. However it is actually deeper than that. It's true definition in sanskrit is union or connection to ourselves. Yoga practice allows us to connect to ourselves and be more aware of ourselves, bringing us to a place of bliss and freedom.


With that definition in mind... It's only been a few weeks since the new year, but I wanted to share my yoga progress with you. 


As some of you know I am a giant fan of Aaptiv. I use it daily, I MEAN DAILY, for my workouts. I have done a lot more cardio since downloading this app, and I hate cardio. In the past I have thought I could be a runner. Nope. I can't. I am envious of those I see running down the road, all happy and fit, and when I do it I look bored and in pain. I have ran outside a few times with Aaptiv... it's getting better (slowly), but I do much better indoors on a machine. My choice of pain is the elliptical because I like the resistance and inclines. 


Well in addition to my daily workouts with Aaptiv... they also provide yoga!


I was worried that I would need the visuals and I still do at times. Well I started doing Yoga on Aaptiv and so far... it's working for me. Without visuals it is important that the words the trainer uses are descriptive enough to do the positions yourself, and they are. I have only done a handful with Aaptiv as I am still getting back into the groove of practicing, which means I need the visuals.


For the visuals I am using another resource for my yoga practice. I am an Amazon Prime user. I mean big time user. I use everything that can possibly be provided by Amazon. Recently I became a subscriber to one of their channels, I subscribed to their Yoga Channel. It's only $9/month which is how much one class usually costs at a studio so I thought this has to be a win! There are so many different programs or seasons as they are listed on Amazon Video. So I saved some on my list and started doing the videos. I love the videos, I love the teachers, I love all the different classes, and how the description gives me insight on the class so I can choose what to work on. Being able to chose the class is extremely beneficial especially when I am sore after a workout. There are stretching classes that I have become fond of.... EXTREMELY FOND OF. You would think I could stretch on my own... but I obviously can't now. 


I am using both avenues because sometimes I need the tranquility of being alone with just someone in my ears, and other times I want the visualization to learn more. I am still learning so both together are great for me. 


Practicing yoga has given me a lot so far. My practice has turned into a place for myself.


Once I get more comfortable with sharing about my practice I am hoping to share the photos of my progress with each position. 


ALSO, update on Costa Rica. For a few days of my trip I will be staying at a resort that focuses on yoga! How awesome will that be! I can't wait until April comes!

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