Escaping into a Hike

January 12, 2018


Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! I have had some free time between packing and adulting, so I decided to go on a hike. Just a quick small one. While I was on that hike I was thinking... I should share with all of you why I love hiking. I mean it's therapy for me, so I had to share it. 


When I first moved to Colorado I was so excited to enjoy the great outdoors, you see I made the move back to Colorado from Florida. I hated being outside in Florida because of the humidity. It was so awful. I was always felt like I needed to take a shower again after being outside for a few minutes. It's a great place to visit, but I prefer much drier weather, so does my skin and hair. So after moving here I started hiking and getting outside more often. I get to go on these long hikes in my own backyard, sometimes with family or friends, but a lot of times alone, and I just get to clear my mind. I get to enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer. 


Especially after going through a break up. 


We are still in the same house... still packing... still splitting things up. It gets tough. Spending so many years together and it just ends. So sometimes I escape, I either drive around aimlessly or go on a hike, or exercise, or take a bath and read. I haven't gone for a drive in a really long time, so I hope to have a banging body really soon, or turn into a raisin from my relaxing baths.


Despite the most recent hike I went on. There is one hike that is my absolute favorite. It's a long hike, takes a few hours, but the view makes everything worth it. That's the picture I shared with you, and now that I am thinking about this hike, maybe I will do it this Sunday. To me that's what a hike is all about, going through a few hard parts, an incline, and then reaching the view. I mean who wouldn't want to bask in that. The way the trail opens up is breathtaking every single time. It's like reaching the light at the end of a tunnel when going through a tough time. 


Now once I reach the top, I stop and enjoy the view.


Have you ever thought about how small you are in this world? 


I mean really think about it. This world is ginormous! We have made such a large footprint on this world, but when we go out to a remote location and see untouched land, yes I know that untouched land is getting smaller by the day, we get to see how small we are, and how small our problems are. 


That's the truth. This break-up, while large to me, is small to the world. There are more important issues going on in the world. In fact, there are so many issues that I actually have a hard time catching myself up on some of the issues. I had to stop starting my morning off reading the news because I no longer wanted my day to start off that way. So why get stuck in my own head, when I can escape every once in a while, put things back into perspective, and then tackle any issues one at a time. Now I may not be able to combat issues of the world, but I can touch the lives of complete strangers. Quick side note, I now start my morning off with yoga and meditation. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE.


Whether through a hike, meditation, a daily workout, sometimes it is essential for you to take time for yourself to clear your mind. This will help you get through any problem or situation because you are separating yourself momentarily. This will give you a chance to do some self-reflection, clear your mind, and look at a specific situation from the outside in.


Last thing, assume positive intent. You don't know what someone else is going through. 

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