Our Last Weekend Together

January 3, 2018


I promise this isn't depressing, it ends on a high note. 


New Year's weekend started off a little sad. Coming out of a serious relationship and thinking about being alone on New Year's is actually more than sad, it's depressing. I had a ton of invites from my friends, but I honestly didn't want to spend it with them. I wanted to spend it with him, unfortunately he got invites as well and he was going to accept them. So there I was Sunday morning thinking about how I was going to spend my evening. I will be honest, at that moment I got extremely sad, I didn't want to be in the house anymore, he was getting ready, and so I left. I just decided to drive around. He saw me getting ready to leave the house, he wanted to ask me what I was doing, but he felt like it was no longer for him to know, so he stopped himself from asking.


I drove around Colorado Springs clearing my head and just thinking. Thinking about our memories, about everything that needs to get done, about my upcoming move, and upcoming trip, just to name a few. It was a long drive that ended at my favorite place for lunch. It was my first time in a long time that I was eating in public by myself. It was great, I sat there enjoying great food, beer, and my book. I was clearing my head. Even though there was about 20 people in the place, I escaped temporarily. I escaped my thoughts, I escaped into my book, I escaped. The restaurant became a blur and the only thing in focus were the words in my book.


While there, I get a message from him. He doesn't want to spend New Year's with those other people. He wants to finish the year with me. He told me that we started this year together, we still love each other, and he wanted to end it together. I agreed. I was hesitant, but I agreed. I agreed to join because I felt the same way. I wanted to end the year with him as well. I wanted us to end on a high note. I wanted a lot of things, but I was accepting the end with a final weekend. 


His text was a little vague, all it said was I will meet you home, pack the snowboarding bag and an overnight bag. We were going on a mountain getaway. After I received this text my blurry surrounding goes back into focus. I am no longer in the restaurant alone, I am no longer escaping in my book, I am now thinking about the trip and thinking about how great it is going to be. 


Fast forward to the drive, he is on his phone calling different resorts, lodges, and hotels, and is about to get on Airbnb, We don't have a place to stay, a spontaneous trip, very last minute, and I am loving every moment of it. Why? Because I am seeing him. I am seeing him as he was when we first got together, the crazy spontaneous man that I grew to love. I am getting the chance to end this relationship as I started it. A quarter of the way into the drive we finally get in touch with someone who has a room, and we got 40% off for last minute booking. For both the room and our lift tickets. WHOO WHOO! 


The drive there was smooth. It was a very easy drive just over two hours for us with very little traffic. When we got to the resort, we changed and then decided to go check out the ski resort area because neither one of us have really gotten to spend any time there. So we walked around, hand in hand, enjoying each others warmth in the 11 degree weather, however with the wind it was like negative five million. Brrrrr. We bar hopped, watched the ice skaters, and then got PIZZA. This pizza was sooooooo good. I want more now that I am thinking about it. My mouth is watering...



After our pizza break it came time to get ready for the fireworks show. Copper Mountain put on a show at the base of the mountain. It was magical and SO loud. Every single firework that was lit I felt in my chest. I have never been that close to where they lit fireworks. The 20 minute show in the freezing cold was worth it, even though my beer froth kept freezing at the top. After the show ended we both looked at each other with gratitude in our eyes.


The fireworks show was at 10 PM, and we still had the rest of the evening. The night was still young enough to enjoy each other's company. 


After the show we went into a bar and enjoyed a band, Lefty Lucy. This band played a bunch of fun covers, and we danced. Let me tell you, him and I have never been dancing. NEVER! He has some moves I have never imagined. So we danced all night, and then the band hosted a contest to win a Dos Equis Snowboard. We had to dance our asses off during a song and after the song the band chose the participants, he was chosen. He lost, but still had fun competing playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. 


It was just minutes to midnight after the contest and they asked for all the women to stand on the bar. I stood on a bar. I have never stood on a bar. All the women danced and sang together on top of the bar and when it came close to midnight we were served Champagne in little cups. I counted down to midnight on a bar with a little cup of champagne, with him watching me and smiling, and taking pictures. I DANCED ON A BAR! I COYOTE UGLIED. 


Then after the countdown you can tell neither of us wanted the night to end. We wanted to keep going, keep enjoying each others company, and making the last getaway the one to remember. After that bar was coming to a close, we moved on to the next one. We sat at the bar and just talked, to each other, to strangers, to the bartender. We just talked. It was a nice end to the evening. Then... we walked back to the resort, hand in hand, thanking each other for the company. 

The next morning we packed up and got ready for a day on the slopes, hungover. We got breakfast, that I will be honest I didn't really enjoy, and then we went shopping in the resort area. We bought our souvenirs, our separate souvenirs, no more buying together, but we didn't talk about that, we just paid and continued onto our weekend. We grab our gear and hit the slopes, hungover, remember? Have you ever gone down a mountain with the sun shining ever so beautifully and hating it at the beginning because you were hungover? That was me and him. But, the runs were long, the mountain was wide, we really got to enjoy every bit of snowboarding together, the last run of the day took it out of us, but we made it through together. Together.


And then that was pretty much it. I got to spend a magical weekend with someone I loved very much, doing everything we wanted to do. We got to enjoy new experiences together, try new food, and we truly appreciated every moment of it. We ended our relationship the same loving way it started. 


Let me say that again, we ended our relationship the same loving way it started. This is the best ending to a relationship I have ever had. It's weird to say that, but I guess when you truly love each other and truly want the other to be happy no matter what, the relationship can end in a very healthy way. And I am happy to say, it has. 

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