Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

December 11, 2017

Hello everyone... It has taken a few months but I would like to formally welcome you to my first book "review" blog post. Oh boy, let's hope I don't screw this up. 


I wanted to start of with this book because let's face the facts, the longer you're in any business industry the more self-help or self-development books you read. So why not start with the most recent one, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 


Over time your brain and body become hardwired to respond to different situations in a different way. These situations can happen anywhere from your personal or professional life. As an example, you're on your way home from work and you start thinking about your day, then you think about how your co-worker dropped the ball on missing a deadline. The more you think about it the more you feel your anger and disappointment as if it just happened. Then comes the next day and when you see her, all those feelings come rushing back in and you take it out on her, even though she was able to catch up and get everything ready that morning. Why did those feelings rush back so quickly?


Well Dr. Joe Dispenza explains that these feelings could be because of something that happened from years past. Years of individuals dropping the ball, so when another person does it, those feelings come back, and the more you think about it the more it feels fresh. 


Dr. Joe Dispenza spends the first part of the book explaining the mechanics of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, and chemistry, so that when he goes into further detail about "changing" yourself, the science behind it makes sense. I will be honest it was hard reading the first few chapters. I'm a business and finance major, trying to read the mechanics of neuroscience was a tough one. However, if I can make it through you can too. 


After the mechanics are explained Dr. Dispenza gets into the meat of the topic. This is where the highlighting began for me. I will state getting yourself in the correct mindset is very important, not only for this book, but for all self development books. Dr. Dispenza goes through the process of rewiring your thinking during times that spark a reaction that is unpleasant. 

But years of thinking certain thoughts, and then feeling the same way, and then thinking equal to those feelings (the hamster in the wheel) creates a memorized state of being in which we can emphatically declare our I Am statement as an absolute. The means we're now at the point when we define ourselves as this state of being. Our thoughts and feelings have merged.

It's hard to break the memorized state, and Dr. Dispenza understands this. He understands that and this is why he provides the steps, examples, and real life stories to show proof in the pudding. This is what makes this self-development book so great, is the years of research that was done. I mean, how do you feel when you get advice or guidance from someone who has NO experience in the matter? It's not credible and it makes you not want to try out what was provided as guidance.

He explains changing your habits is like going through a drug withdrawal, I mean think about it. Without going too far into the science, when you go through a state of panic your body pushes out adrenaline, bringing up the fight or flight mode. Some people love to live in that state, and trying to break the habit of getting out of that state becomes a withdrawal from adrenaline. I know that may sound crazy to compare it to a drug withdrawal, but think about it certain hormones do wonders to your body, and drugs have that same effect. When he uses this as an example, it then sets in that changing your mindset and rewiring your emotions will be harder then expected. 


As long as we use familiar feelings as a barometer, as feedback on our efforts to change, we'll always talk ourselves out of greatness. We will never be able to think greater than our internal environment. We will never be able to see a world of possible outcomes other than the negative ones from our past. Our thoughts and feelings have that much power over us.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has multiple published books, I have only read Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, however it is also recommended to read Evolve Your Brain, as this one goes even further into the science behind your brain.

I want to disclose that this book focuses heavily on meditation. There is a large population that does not believe in meditation, and if this isn't your thing please still give this book a shot. The reason is because there is still a lot of helpful information that can still help you. I honestly believe that you can still change your mindset consciously by catching it in the moment, and this book will help you catch those feelings. 


I wanted to use this book as my first blog post because it gave me the confidence to start my own blog and to venture out on my own. I started to push my self-doubt out. I started envisioning on what I could do to help others through financial literacy. It's important to push out negative thoughts as they may be hindering your success. This book brings forth empowerment that you didn't realize you had.

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