Our Holiday Weekend

November 27, 2017

If you followed my last post then you will know I was slightly nervous about making sure everything got cooked and on time. Well I successfully did it. I had the exact number of eggs needed as well. Oh, and everything fit nice a perfect in the oven as well. In addition to all the food I was able to send majority of it away in tupperware containers. Pro tip: buy your own containers to hand out, I bought cheap ones, that way if guests "forget" to bring something you have back up to send home leftovers. You guys can't escape me!


We had a nice group of people over for Thanksgiving as well. It was so fun to have a small group that we all got to enjoy everyone's company. I am just so happy that it was a nice relaxed holiday. 


I unfortunately had to work on Friday, but I came home to a sparkling clean house, all fall decorations taken down, and the tree put up with the lights. I am beyond thankful for my S.O. I was so happy I could come home to just relax and enjoy our home. 


Saturday we spent our day shopping and running errands. We decided on what we are doing for Christmas presents. We make our own Christmas gifts each year, and this year I am super proud of our creative ability. I will share the post soon once I get pictures. We are making serving platters, I am putting my man to the test of his power tools! WOAH! I am exciting for these gifts! 


We also got my little Lupin, the kitten, his own stocking. This is what happens when you don't have kids. You end up spoiling the hell out of your fury friend. So we got him his own stocking which is all fury. Will I put anything in the stocking? Probably not. Maybe my S.O. will.


Also I did some Christmas shopping, but of course all online. Ever since I worked in retail I hate going into malls during the holiday season, or going into stores in general. People can be so mean. This is the season of love, giving, and happiness, where the hell does that all go during the holiday season? I mean come on people! 


In addition to the holiday weekend fun we did our normal weekend stuff of grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cleaning. I love the holidays. It is my favorite time of year. The air is crisp, the food is good, and family is always unknown but usually great. 


I will be talking soon about our Christmas traditions... what are your family traditions?

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