It's Officially the Holidays

November 22, 2017

The holidays are officially here, and in all honesty I can't believe it. This year has gone by WAY too fast. However it was a great GREAT great year. We got to travel so much, got to see family more often then usual, tried new things together, and accomplished so much. 


This year we are doing Thanksgiving at home again. Which means a lot of prep. Luckily this year it is going to be for a much smaller crowd... like a third of the size. But it is still a lot of work. Right now I have the mini pecan pies in the oven and taking a break from cleaning. Because this is my second year doing Thanksgiving I learned a lot from last year. This year I planned everything to the minute, and so far I am right on schedule with getting everything prepped. It has come down to when I will be putting everything in the oven as well. 


The only snafu I am going to run into... running out of room in the oven. Or running out of wine.


While we aer oh


Luckily I know I am not the only one who will run into this. I was able to change some of my recipes from the oven to stove top or crock pot. So we will see how things go for the new recipes.


In addition to Thanksgiving prep I have also gotten a head start on Christmas gifts. YAY!


I honestly think this holiday season will be the most organized one yet. Christmas will be at home again this year. Last year I made this ham and my S.O. fell in love with it, so I will be making it again this year. I can't believe I am this prepared. 


I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and eats until they sleep tomorrow.

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