New Furry Addition

November 20, 2017


We just recently got a kitten. A KITTEN!


We have been talking about getting another cat for a very long time. A very long time. We had both agreed that we wanted a kitten for a few reasons, but we specifically we wanted a kitten so we can all go grow with each other. 


Just a few weeks ago we brought home a 16 week old kitten. So I want to start this off with each cat that I have had previously was a little older and had already been declawed and fixed. So I was pretty naive about the process of a cat getting declawed. I researched this time around and I didn't realize what the surgery entailed. The surgery involves the amputation of the last knuckle of each toe. THE AMPUTATION OF THE LAST KNUCKLE. Now I understand why it is slowly getting banned in the US. Just recently Denver was the first city outside of California to ban this practice. I also found out this is banned in many other countries. So I started researching other methods to take care of the claws including clipping and soft claws, and after talking to my vet she gave me some ideas when trying each one. Luckily for me the first one I tried was successful... we clipped his nails. 


So let me tell you how this became successful in the first try. For over a week I played with Lupin's, the kittens name, paws. I would make sure he got used to me touching them before I pushed out the claws. Then once he got used me exposing the claws I started clipping. I took a short break each time after 2-3 nails and soothed him, then eventually I was done. His treat once we were done was wet food. I tried doing soft treats, however I have come to learn that he likes to play with the treats before eating it, still working on it as a reward. So now I am associating wet food to his manicure. Then the real test came, he tried to grab on to my thigh, and I didn't feel the nails! SUCCESS!


I am so happy that this worked! Especially because I was over having scratches all over me. My furniture will be saved as well. SO HAPPY!


Next step is getting him fixed, he will be able to get fixed in a couple more months or until he sprays the first time, which I am hoping that doesn't happen. 


Now this kitten has a HUGE personality. So far we have gotten him to fetch. I am trying to get him to take a treat out of my hand still so I can reward him every time he brings back the toy. He also follows me every where. EVERY WHERE. He definitely picked us and I am glad he did. His personality fits right in with our personality and the way he plays with us is perfect as well. AND since this has worked out so well my S.O. wants to get Lupin a buddy. We'll see. 


This week during Thanksgiving he will get introduced to a couple of dogs. So far when we have visitors he makes it known that he lives here, so I am curious if he will do the same thing with the doggos. It will definitely be interesting to see as one of the dogs is scared of cats. I can't wait to provide an update. 



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