Year of travel is officially OVER

November 15, 2017

My year of traveling is officially over! I am super excited that I will not be traveling for a few months. While it was definitely fun I will enjoy my home and building up my savings again. I feel broke after spending a crap ton on plane rides.


The traveling that we did was for a lot of weddings. We traveled to a few different states for weddings, ran out of PTO, and had a ton of fun with friends and family. The most recent trip was to Florida for my best friend’s wedding. This wedding… man I have no words.


The ceremony itself was beautiful. We were all on a dock in Mt. Dora, FL, where everyone stood and was able to do a semicircle around the bride and groom. Because of how we were gathered it was wonderful to see everyone’s reaction as these two souls said I do. It was also a plus that almost everyone get to see the groom get choked up.


After the ceremony we got to enjoy a cocktail hour before we all sat down for the reception. The cocktail hour was equipped with an open bar and hors d'oeuvres. I got to introduce my S.O. to my circle of friends that’s still in Florida, and we spent majority of that hour just enjoying each other’s company.


Now to dinner… no words. The setting of the reception was very intimate. There was a small number in attendance and together we enjoyed being a witness to the celebration of these two. I on the other hand got very nervous at this point. I was giving a toast. I had everything typed up and ready to go… AND I MISSED LIKE A QUARTER OF WHAT I WANTED TO SAY. I was so nervous. Luckily what I was able to get out was funny, touching, and loved by the bride. I am very happy that I took the time to get everything together and not make an ass of myself.


After dinner we enjoyed just the company of everyone in attendance. We ended the night fairly early, like 11 pm, because we had to be up at 3 am to catch a flight back to Colorado. This trip was quick for us. We were in and out for the wedding without having much time for anything else. I am certainly grateful of the weather, as I usually dread the humidity of Florida when I leave Colorado, but we got to enjoy a high of 80. 80! I still can’t believe how nice the weather was for the wedding.


Our next trip will be to the city of sins, Las Vegas. We will be going there in a few months before the summer hits. It will be both of our first times to Vegas. So we need to save as much money as possible just in case our self-control gets left on the plane. I am researching some shows to go to and FOOD! We love food! I just want to visit all the restaurants there.

Now for my love of financial education… I may have to put a disclaimer on that post so no follows in my footsteps.


Even though this was the year of traveling for weddings, I want to have a year of travel for fun. So that is something I get to save up for through this upcoming year as well as research for the best deals. What are you favorite places to travel?

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