Being Sick & Comfort Food

November 6, 2017

Man oh man. I feel like I have been sick for forever. I have had a cough for almost a week, my ears and nose have been congested, and I'm pretty sure I have been keeping Kleenex in business. Anytime I get sick I seem to act like a child, meaning I curl up on the couch, turn on my favorite T.V. show and get some comfort food. 


When I am sick, I don't feel like doing anything besides laying there. In my mind I am giving my body the rest it needs. Which means going to work interrupts that recovery, and when I am there I feel like I am not giving my 100%. So this past weekend I spent my time trying to recover. On Saturday I spent my time on the couch binge watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Let me tell you something, if you fall asleep in the middle of a binge you have no idea what happened while you were sleeping. So, of course, I had to rewatch old episodes a few more times because I needed the full story line. This process happened more times than I want to admit, but I can tell you everything that happened in Season 12. I should have picked a different television show with how many times I fell asleep through out the day. 


I also watched Stranger Things... have ya'll watched that yet? I got stuck on that show too! During the week when I stayed on the couch that was my show. I had to rewatch only a couple of episodes from falling asleep, not as many as I did for Grey's Anatomy. I was obviously at the beginning of sickness during my binge of Stranger Things. I won't share any spoilers here, but as a lover of The Goonies, I am obsessed with the show. I will also say Eleven is a bad ass. Oh and you should watch Millie Bobby Brown on Jimmy Fallon fangirling over the Kardashians. Totally adorable.


Okay, let's get back on track.


In addition to just laying on the couch I wanted my go-to comfort food. Now keep in mind this isn't healthy whatsoever! However the nostalgia of the food makes me feel better! So I made ramen, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and mac & cheese. These are my go-to comfort food. Especially the mac & cheese, but I try not to eat so much because of the dairy. And when eating ramen, I try to use the broth that I make. I love making my own broth, especially when I get sick I can just heat up from my stock of stock. Ha, see what I did there! 


While I was sick I also didn't go to the gym. However I did try my best to get up and do a 20 minute walk, just to get my body moving. I didn't want to do any heavy cardio or weight lifting if I wasn't able to breathe without coughing. So tomorrow I am entering the gym for the first time in a week, with only a slight cough. I am going to take it easy but I need some movement back in my life! Laying on the couch and sleeping all day definitely helped me get closer to recovery, but I was going stir crazy. It will help that I will have mac & cheese for my lunch tomorrow. Comfort food... it's important.


So what do you do when you get sick? Any go-to's? 

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