Meanings of Dreams

November 1, 2017

I never really thought about looking up the meaning from dreams until recently. I had a dream about my deceased mother Monday night. Not only did I dream about her, but during the dream I got sick, I was nauseous and on the verge of vomiting, and then I woke up running to the bathroom. Sorry for all the gross details, but it made me look into the meanings of dreams, and I have learned that each website has a different definition of my dream.


One of the websites gave me 5 reasons on why she appeared in the dream. Now keep in mind she passed away 14 years ago. One of the reasons was for me to get closure, which I could understand because I never really took the time to grieve, I was a senior in high school at the time. The last reason was because they were showing up to let me know all is well. I am sticking with that last reason because of the reason I found of why I was sick in my dream.


According to another website, being sick in your own dream means trouble in your life whether mentally or physically. So did she show up to let me know all is well? That I don't need to worry. Because damn, have I been a worry wart juggling every thing that is currently on my plate. The website also said I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Who knew I would get some sound advice from a dream website. 


Now, when I got into the depths of these websites I started looking into other meanings, like my S.O. was talking about protecting himself against someone coming. So I looked up protecting or protection, and now I feel like I need to analyze him further. There were talks about self-doubt, repressed anger, lack of comfort, denial, and so much more. I'm sure he would love it if I asked him a ton of questions on each reason. 


So with that being said, be careful when you go down that rabbit hole. EXTREMELY CAREFUL! It's just like when I went and saw a psychic at a holistic fair and they told me my S.O. isn't my forever person. I am going to prove you wrong lady.


While I usually go in with a grain of salt when it comes to these readings and meanings, but when it comes to a deceased parent I have a small weakness to get anything from beyond. It is sometimes hard to disregard something when you miss someone so terribly. 


I am going to go back playing with our new kitten. He has finally come out of hiding and now he is EXTREMELY active! I am so happy he is now comfortable in his new home. He is now running around like a kitten should be... oh and right now he is sitting behind me eating my hair in my ponytail. 

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