The Odyssey Gastropub

October 19, 2017

I love Date Night! I love spending time with my S.O., eating delicious food, and having US time. We seem to frequent the same places. We do try new places, one requirement is no chains, and sometimes we just need the comfort of something we know. 


One place we absolutely love, no matter what, is The Odyssey Gastropub in Downtown Colorado Springs. Now as a precursor this place is not Paleo friendly, but it is so delicious that I have a hard time saying no. 


So a little bit about this place of deliciousness. The Odyssey Gastropub is a home away from home. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, warm and comfortable, and go to place when you are feeling alone. The place is constantly filled with individuals there to not only enjoy the food but the people as well. 


We got introduced to this place by a friend and fell in love with their brunch menu. It was love at first bite. My S.O. got Chicken and Waffles with bacon inside of the waffles, the only reason why I remember his first meal there is because he still gets it to this day... for brunch or dinner. He once asked them to use waffles instead of buns on one of their burgers, they did it. AND IT WAS AWESOME! I seem to change it up each time we go for brunch, but my go-to is the Breakfast "Sandwich" with potato hash. The breakfast "sandwich" has pretty much all breakfast fixings on naan. In addition to our main meal, as soon as we sit down we order the Bacon Sampler. The Bacon Sampler has 4 different types of bacon including Pork Belly, served with syrup. Man oh man, just thinking about it makes me want to head over now for something delicious, maybe I can get them to make me breakfast during the week as brunch is only served on weekends.


On our date night we decided to go to The Odyssey for something delicious. Anytime we go out we usually sit at the bar, just because in our mind it's the best seat in the house, especially when we sit at the corner and can take the whole scenary. Sometimes if we are lucky we get to watch people on a first date, or in the mornings at brunch we get those who grabbing breakfast together after having a night together (if you know what I mean). The other night I got to try a new menu item, a Po' Boy. This Po' Boy was the best I have had in a VERY VERY VERY long time. My S.O. got a burger that had pulled pork on top with coleslaw. That pulled pork... oh my goodness. Now I am from the south, I know good pulled pork. I don't know what they do to there's to make it so damn delicious, but the pulled pork paired with the burger... and the coleslaw is a must have. I almost traded my Po'Boy for his burger... but let's face it the fish in my Po' Boy was so large that I didn't want to give up my fried friend. 


So if you are ever in the Springs, this place is a go-to. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a full on meal, I can promise you that you will all of a sudden find room to eat after looking at their menu. 

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