Birthday Celebrations

October 18, 2017

Hello beautiful people!


Do you ever have a weekend full of events that you need another weekend to recover? That is exactly how this past weekend was for me! In fact... I just had to really think about what I did on Saturday. 


Lately I have had a whirlwind of activities over the last few weeks. I am starting to plan a weekend getaway for my S.O. and I, so we can escape and get the much needed R&R. I am thinking of going to a hot springs, or maybe even Estes Park. AND SOON!


My weekend started off with work in the morning on Saturday, then I had a lovely date night with my S.O. at one of my favorite restaurants... which I plan on sharing with you tomorrow for my Eats post! We haven't had a date night in a really long time so it was fun just to talk and enjoy each others company. We went shopping a little before hand, got some Christmas gifts (I can't believe it is already here, SERIOUSLY?!). 


Whenever we go out we seem to sit at the bar and watch other couples. Our favorite couple is the first date people. Young love, so cute, and you know awkward as hell. It always makes me think of one of our first dates which actually ended up being ALL DAY! I think that is what drew us together, we went from one activity to the other with only intermittent food breaks. 

So after our fun Saturday night, we go to Sunday. Sunday we celebrated my sister's girlfriends birthday. We went to a brewery to enjoy some brewskis, food, and games. We played cornhole for majority of the time there. We played so many games of cornhole I think we successfully created every combination of teams between the 6 of us. Our party got cut off... which was slightly embarrassing, but after letting them know we had a designated driver for the group we were no longer cut off. I have never been cut off anywhere! I was confused and shocked especially after I paid my bill there were only 6 beers on my tab between 3 people. I'm guessing it was to cut off the group, but I'm not sure. Any bartenders out there who may want to explain it further for me? 


After we spent a few hours, and when I say a few I mean 4, there we came back to my house to play a board game. WE ARE ADDICTED TO ALL GAMES. The night eventually ended around 9 PM, but it was such a fun day. It's always fun to celebrate birthdays. I love showering people with food, love, and gifts. Food is obviously the most important on the list, obviously. It is always fun to celebrate anything. This past weekend was definitely fun, and I can't wait for the next get together. Or I can do a repeat of my birthday at the zoo!

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