Why I bought a No Soliciting Sign

October 11, 2017

I hope you are ready for this one, I wish I could make this stuff up, but I am honestly living in a house that is unpredictable. 


We go to bed pretty early, like you would think we are older than 30 we go to bed so early. It's just that we wake up super early and can get a lot of shit done before noon. 

A few weeks ago my S.O. was in the garage around 8:30 pm and a guy walked up asking if they can demonstrate a Kirby Vacuum. If you have ever done one of these presentations then you know it's a long one... an extremely long presentation. Well he said yes. So they enter our home and start doing the presentation, my S.O. came into our bedroom to let me know they were there. I wish I could show you my face. It was a combination of surprise and what the hell were you thinking. So I am getting ready for bed, hoping that he isn't letting the presentation go on too long. At 9:45 PM I come out of the bedroom and they are still at the house! 9:45 PM! I walked out of the bedroom, the main person went to go introduce themselves to me and it eventually turns to me kicking them out. I explained to them very nicely that it is close to 10 PM and pleasantries are gone. They flew out the window about 45 minutes ago. The guy was shocked, his jaw dropped, and he didn't know what to say. However, they did leave within 5 minutes. 


My S.O. and I got into a small fight after they left. I guess I was too mean. But hey it was almost 10PM! So I still stand by what I did. It was way too late to have someone come and demonstrate a product. I would also like to point out that when we have told this story to other couples, everyone has been on my side. NOT that it was a competition or anything. But we no longer bring it up, I think it's because he is a sore loser. 


So let's fast forward to a few days ago. We have someone staying with us, and they were home during the day when the doorbell rang. 


It was someone to demonstrate a kitchen device to make a salad. 


This is the conversation I had with our roommate when I got home...


Roommate: Hey! There's a salad for you in the fridge.

Me: Oh okay!

(Then I started thinking, this fool doesn't eat vegetables)

Me: uhhhh wait... Why is there a salad for me in the fridge?

Roommate: HAHAHAHA, so uhhh.... these people rang the doorbell and they asked if they can make a salad with this kitchen contraption. So I said yes and let them in. 

Me; What's with the guys in this house letting random people in?!

Roommate: I knew you were going to say that. So are you going to eat it?



So I decided to buy a no soliciting sign off of Amazon. The same day that it was arriving, we got another person at our door wanting to sell another item. Luckily our roommate said no this time, he did say that he said no multiple times mainly to get the person to leave because it was sooooo cold, it snowed that day. When I got home after that person left, our roommate asked me when the no soliciting sign was arriving. That was a better conversation. So 3 people in 4 weeks trying to sell us something. So I am hoping with this new shiny sign will keep people from ringing our doorbell. Mainly because I get excited thinking a package has arrived. 

Now I know these individuals are trying to make a living, but I'm not very trusting when strangers come into my nice, cozy, and safe home. My home is my safe place, and I don't like when people I don't know disrupt it. So this is why I have bought a no soliciting sign, because the people in my house are too nice and can't say no. 

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