Word Vomit Session

October 3, 2017

This was supposed to post yesterday but I wasn’t formulating the words as I wanted to. I want to apologize in advance for this being all over the place. 


Life is constantly full of the unexpected. It’s happening too often that I am waking up to horrible news and misinformation. With the most recent shooting in Las Vegas the lovely internet has turned into a database of incorrect information that is being spread like wildfire. Unfortunately this happens with all information on the internet. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet because it can instantly put me in a good mood because of memes. I mean who doesn’t love a good meme. But it also puts me in a shitty mood when people pass around wrong information. Do me a favor, do your own damn research before sharing shit with your hundreds of followers! And when I say research, I mean with reputable sources not some bogus website that has a shit ton of ads for viagra. 


What happened in Las Vegas is horrendous. It shouldn’t have happened but it did. My thoughts and prayers are out there for those who were in attendance. But we need to take action, whether you’re for gun control or education on gun safety, action needs to be taken. We hide ourselves behind a keyboard too often campaigning for our views instead of doing something. Educating ourselves is important on all aspects, even trying to understand the other side of the spectrum. 


I have seen so many hurtful things being said about another’s opinion that I now absolutely stay off of Facebook. I don’t want to be on there because it’s full of people just being hateful. If we teach children to be respectful then why do we do the complete opposite when we are hidden behind a keyboard? It’s times like these where we need to come together, United as one, and fight for the changes we want to see in our future, not just for us but for our children as well. 


Speaking of hiding behind keyboards... stop being an internet troll. It doesn’t do anyone any good. 


Now turn to the ones you love, don’t take anything’s for granted, and ignore internet bullies. 

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