Joys of Furniture Shopping

September 27, 2017

One of the grand things about being an adult is having the joy of walking around furniture stores. I mean who doesn’t love spending countless hours of sitting on various couches before handing over boat loads of cash? 


I obviously hate it. Mainly because I don’t like handing over my hard earned money over for furniture. I like spending it on adventures. 


Recently we went furniture shopping... and for hours, or what seemed like hours, we walked around placing our cute little butts on couches, and then I thought, how many other butts am I sitting on? And then I thought about germs and realized furniture stores can be gross and wanted to shower immediately. 


Besides wanting to shower, we decided we also have very expensive taste. What am I actually paying for? Some of these sets were over $2K and weren’t even leather, nor was it made out of wood. So what exactly am I paying for? The reason why I ask this is because my current set was pretty pricey, someone sat on the arm, and it broke. The arm of the sofa broke. It literally buckled. I realized it was particle board. 


So this is why I hate furniture shopping or shopping for all reasons, we spend so much money on goods that don’t last. 


I remember toys from my childhood lasting longer than my cell phones. 


Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I’m pretty sure goods are made more cheaply so consumers are required to buy more, and the companies are able to make more money. 


So back to my furniture shopping... we found a set. That is made of more wood than just the normal foundation. It’s got a pretty hefty price tag on it so we are saving up for it. It will more than likely go on sale by the time we get around to it, which is in our favor anyways. 

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