Airport Life

September 21, 2017



I love traveling, don't get me wrong, but spending a lot of time in airports can be exhausting. It's just all the waiting. But that's not the point I'm going to make here. 


Why do all social norms go out the window as soon as an individual enters an airport? 


Think about it. 


I am here at 7 am watching people eat their breakfast with a beer. It sounds delicious right?! Why don't we do that daily? Why do we have to wait until brunch? I mean I feel like I now need to try eggs and bacon with a beer when I get home because I will just get judged in public. 


Also, every corner of the airport seems like a good place to sleep. If we did it outside of the airport the cops would be called telling us to leave. What if we just need a quick cat nap? Sometimes as an adult we just need to recharge. 


Spending so much time has also caused me become a people watcher while at the airport. Every one seems to be on a mission no matter how early they arrive at the airport. They are zoned in on their gate and how to get there. 


Oh and another observation, people conduct very private phone calls in a very loud voice... and at the gate. Maybe when you are surrounded by complete strangers you don't care who hears about the latest update on your friend's rash. 


Can you tell I am typing this up at the airport? Ha!


This year I have had my fair share of traveling and airport waiting. After this trip I will fly two more times before the end of the year. I have never in my life traveled this much. I have learned new traveling tricks especially when it comes to snacks and making sure I eat healthy. I have also become a pro at packing my suitcase and keeping everything at exactly 50lbs! I deserve a damn trophy at this point. 


So now I sit and wait until the line goes down to board this plane. 

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