Our Vacation Before Irma

September 13, 2017



Before I jump into my vacation and all the wonderful details I would like to give you all my sincerest apologies. During my last few weeks of my graduate program all my time and energy went into my final project. I didn't get to keep my promise of when I schedule my posts. I can't provide any excuses, so with that being said I'm sorry, good news is that I am completely done and I can post as I plan.


On my birthday this year I was gifted with a CRUISE to the Bahamas! TO THE BAHAMAS! You have no idea how excited I was when we finally picked a date for our trip. We went to Orlando for two days before we set out on the 3-Day Cruise to the Bahamas. It was such a quick trip but we were happy with the amount of time spent on the boat. 


On the second day in Orlando we got to go to the Orlando Informer MeetUp in Harry Potter World. We got access to Harry Potter World after hours. We got to ride all of the rides, with pretty much no wait, and got to experience a delicious buffet. The buffet was amazing especially for the fact that it was OBVIOUSLY Harry Potter themed. If you can't tell, I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. So we left the park a little after 1 am to get some sleep before we headed out to our cruise. Oh and the picture from our vacation is obviously from the Orlando Informer MeetUp. 


So the next day we headed out for our cruise. The cruise was leaving from West Palm Beach, so we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us. When we got to the ship we immediately had to explore. The ship had a casino, 2 restaurants, salon and spa, a theater, a few stores, the duty free shop, a few pools, etc. I obviously can go on and on with all the amenities this ship had. So the first day we hung out by the pool and got a few cocktails while enjoying our lunch. We booked a meal package that included two champagne breakfasts and two dinners in the formal restaurant. So on the first night we had our dinner, that was absolutely delicious, unfortunately I can't share with you what we ate because the second night topped the first night because it was the more formal dinner. After our first dinner we decided to check out the casino. My S.O. lost money at the tables, I however turned $20 into $90 with the slot machines. During our time in the casino we made friends with a server, who remembered our names, I don't know if I am proud of this or not. 


The next morning we needed to get up early to enjoy or Champagne Breakfast before our excursion. For breakfast number 1, I got the most delicious Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. My S.O. got a breakfast skillet that had the best sausage in it. I also got to enjoy my benedict with a Bellini and he enjoyed his with a Mimosa. After our breakfast we got dressed for our Jet ski Excursion. This was an awesome excursion and money well spent. We got to ride the jet ski's through millionaire row, this are just exploded with beautiful houses. I have seen some beautiful houses, but let me tell you, these just made my jaw drop. While going through the canal checking out these houses we got to see a sting ray jump out of the water. SO COOL!


After we went through millionaire row we got to really unleash the power of the jet ski's along the island. We just raced back and forth along the coast, taking in the sun, and really enjoy the island. After we spent about an hour and a half we ended our jet ski excursion on a private all inclusive beach. We got to enjoy a magnificent buffet as well as an open bar. We definitely drank our weight in alcohol. Also at this beach we had a trampoline in the water as well as a small floating obstacle course. I wish I knew how to explain that better. We made it back to the ship where we decided to nap. We took a much needed nap before going to our formal dinner. I don't know who that couple is in the photo. They were in the panoramic shot and the perfect time and stayed still for the entire thing. KUDOS TO YOU LOVELY COUPLE!



So the moment you have all been waiting for... our formal dinner on the second night. THIS MEAL WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! The appetizer I chose was Ahi Tuna. I love Ahi Tuna. It has become a habit that when I see it on the menu I all of a sudden need it in my belly. My main course I chose was Rack of Lamb with Mint Jelly. The lamb was so tender and delicious. I literally made noises as I was enjoying my meal. I am honestly on a mission to recreate the lamb. My dessert was Pistachio Creme Brulee. OOOOHHHHH. I made even more noises while eating my dessert. I am also going to try and recreate this as well. Then after dinner we attended a comedy show in the theater. The show started at 11PM, it was such a funny show. This comedian was hilarious and the audience was so interactive with her I don't think she actually got through her whole set. We even became part of the show as she picked on us for looking so sleepy. 


So our vacation was pretty magical. Now I am sure you are wondering when this all happened. We took our cruise right before Hurricane Irma hit Florida and the Bahamas. I am originally from Florida and was slightly worried only because hurricanes can be so unpredictable. When we were in the Bahamas we noticed that there were not a lot of preparations in place. All of these million dollar homes were not getting boarded, however when we got back to Florida there was already a shortage in gas, the area was getting prepared for a mandatory evacuation, and there was a lot of prep work. The second scene is the one I am more familiar with. My S.O. has never visited the Bahamas before so it was nice to have him see it before the hurricane hit the islands, and he also got to see what we went through in 2004 when we had to prepare for back to back hurricanes in the Central Florida area. Hurricane Irma was so unpredictable with it's path that I think it was difficult for any area to actually prepare. 


So while we got to enjoy our much needed vacation we really got to see first hand what the coast of Florida was preparing for. Seeing it first hand puts you back into reality fairly quickly. 

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