I Finished Whole30

September 1, 2017

WOW OH WOW! What a journey the past 30 days were. In case you don't know what Whole30 is I will be happy to provide you a quick crash course.


Whole30 was created by Melissa Hartwig, and not only did she create a fabulous program, but one that also tests your limits and will power. Just looking at the title, Whole30, I can tell you to think WHOLE foods. Since this is a crash course the rules are no added sugar (real or artificial), no legumes, no grains, no alcohol, no dairy, no baked goods, and no carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. Now when looking at the list of no's you may be thinking I can't do this, it's too restricted. I can promise you it's not. You just need to look at the list of acceptable items. The acceptable list is full of fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils, and meat. It's whole and natural foods! It's what your body needs and not all the added sugar and crap that gets added to food all the time. 


The foods on the no list, are known to cause some type of health issue. I embarked on this journey because I was suffering from major migraines, and I was getting them frequently, They would range as very strong headaches each day to severe migraines. I spoke with my doctor and I was prescribed a pill that caused heavy drowsiness. I became a very heavy sleeper at night, and in the morning I had the hardest time waking up. My workouts stopped, I just became very lethargic and lazy. My cousin suggested I look into my diet and specifically suggested Whole30. So I did my research and picked the month.


The first two weeks of August were extremely difficult. I was prepared enough like I hoped, but I was determined not to fail. I ate a lot of salads because I didn't meal prep enough. However, I wasn't starving. I was satisfied. The foods I was eating and the bountiful salads I made were all delicious. I gathered a lot of my information from Pinterest and following the Whole30 Instagram. The Whole30 Instagram is an amazing tool. Each week a different individual manages the account posting different meals and tips. I love this account because it made my second half of the month a whole lot easier. FOLLOW THAT ACCOUNT, especially if you will be embarking on the Whole30 journey.


The second two weeks of August, all of my energy was back and I stopped taking my migraine medicine. I started weening myself off at a lower dosage and then stopped completely. When I do get a headache it isn't as powerful as it was previously and will usually go away with enough water or a simple Tylenol. This was my biggest breakthrough with Whole30. My ultimate goal was for my migraines and it worked. My next step is to slowly add things back in to see what will agree with me. 


While I was able to accomplish my goal, I do miss different foods, like cheese, bread, and pasta. However, I miss Cheetos the most! Out of all things I miss the artificial cheesy snack. I do have to thank my will power to avoid the delicious snack. I'm sure it's not delicious anymore if I were to try it, my taste buds have definitely changed. The other hard part was eating out. Anytime I knew we were going to be eating out I pulled the menu up in advance so I was prepared to make any changes or requests. I was worried that I would be a pain, but honestly the stuff I was requesting was easy to complete and they made sure I didn't have any allergies. Just remember, if you fail to plan, your planning to fail. 


So where will I be going from here? I will be slowly adding things back into my diet to see what types of food affect me. The other thing I am moving towards is a Paleo Diet. I miss baked goods and I found some recipes that are compliant with Paleo. So I am still eating whole and natural foods I will just now be placing them into baked items. I still have a lot to learn about my body, but the last 30 days have definitely taught me more than I previously knew. 



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