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August 23, 2017

So I have a problem... a magazine subscription problem. I get so excited when a new one is downloaded on my kindle ready to read! Especially Women's Health, I have been a long time subscriber of this magazine and it is the only one that stays, even when I tried to kick the habit and cancelled all the other ones.


Women's health magazine has an abundance of information that pertains to health, fashion, fitness, food, etc. It seems to provide it all, and on top of that, you get the inspirational or informative stories. Inspiration goes from a body positive message to a weight loss story or even a weight gain story. The variety that I can get from this magazine is never ending and truly inspiring. I can honestly go on how much I love this magazine.


I am sure you are saying, "Seriously? It's just a magazine!"


And I am here to tell you, "You're wrong, it's not just a magazine."


So let's talk about the most recent issue, the Naked Issue. Now it is more than halfway through the month so I am sure I am SUPER late on this topic but a thrown together blog post wouldn't do this month's issue justice. The Naked Issue touched on a lot of topics that are important for EVERYONE and the issue showcased ALL DIFFERENT BODY TYPES. 


So before I jump into the naked story let's talk about our beautiful strong body. I have grown to love my body despite what comments I may have gotten or still get. I have turned down guys in the past and as soon as I say no I all of a sudden get "You're fat and ugly anyways!". Really? I am fat and ugly anyways? If you truly thought that then why did you hit on me? I also get those infamous judgement eyes from other females and sometimes the lovely whispers behind my back are there as well. What did I learn? That other people's insecurities shouldn't change the way you feel about yourself


Do I have insecurities? Damn right I do, but instead of focusing all of my energy on those insecurities and creating a negative mindset, I flip it. I think in a more positive light. I think about how strong my legs are when I am at the squat rack, I think about how they take me through the hikes I so dearly love, my legs are powerful and I don't have the so called "thigh gap". Instead of focusing on what I don't have, I focus on what I do have and show the utmost gratitude. 


The Naked Issue brings light to many different issues that women face. Women's Health listened to its subscribers and gave what women asked for. They touched on topics of how women feel naked, when they feel confident, the body part they hate the most, and even skin cancer. This issue touched on so many topics that I read through it a handful of times just to make sure I didn't miss anything.


The naked part of the issue came from 8 beautiful women. These women posed naked for the issue and spoke openly and candidly about how strong their bodies were. Sophia Vergara, one of the eight women, is an absolute rock star. It was refreshing to hear how someone so strong and beautiful talk about their body. Or Anna Victoria, who talked about living in Rome and how that changed the way she looked at her body as well. Another thing I love about Anna Victoria, is how she shows the truth on her instagram posts, it is amazing to see someone show it all without make-up or even a bloated stomach, to show how amazing the human body is. All eight women brought forth a new perspective on my body and how I should feel about it. Instead of constantly thinking negatively about my body, or comparing it to someone who has a completely different body type, I was able to look at my body and appreciate everything that it does for me. 


The only thing I can say left about this issue is that you need to pick up a copy. I know the month is almost over, but pick it up now, whether it is a hard copy or digital, this issue is inspiring to say the least. 


My Naked in 3 words... Strong, Imperfect, Beautiful.

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