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August 16, 2017

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who dreads about working out but then feels 100% better by the end of it. I don't know why I can't remember the great feeling afterwards, I even try to pump myself up saying "Just imagine how great you will feel afterwards", yeah no, doesn't work whatsoever. 


I create my own workouts, so this is today's topic, creating your own workouts. I used to do the same thing every time I was in the gym. I would do 30 minutes of cardio and then 30 minutes of strength afterwards. I saw very little results. Yes I was toning, yes I was fitting better in my clothes, and yes I was bored. I started looking online for various workouts that included TRX straps, a kettlebell, or various HIIT workouts. Majority of the workouts I found from Pinterest and from various people I follow on Instagram. I follow a lot of fitness accounts to get inspiration and information for my own workouts. What I can say about researching workouts creates a deeper understanding of each move and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.


The way I did it was I followed the workouts to a T from the chosen source and focused on how each individual workout was supposed to feel. I would do the workout a few times that was laid out and then I would change things around by adding something of my own or removing a piece of it and turned it into a workout that worked better for me. I would also create workouts that would focus on different areas of the body. I have some days that I will do a full body workout and others I will focus a little more on a certain area. For example, specifically on Sundays I am doing a lower body workout. I absolutely love my Sunday workout, I created a TRX workout and between each set of moves I jump on the rowing machine and row for 500 meters. After the second set I am totally rowing at a slower pace, but I love breaking up the workouts. I honestly think Sunday workouts are the only ones that I actually LOVE.


Another source that is awesome is Women's Health or Men's Health Big Book of Exercises. This book is a great reference to build a workout, show you the proper form, tips and tricks, and other helpful scientific information. I am a type of individual who needs to understand the why, and this book does exactly that on why a specific mood works such and such area. Oh and just a warning... the title really does mean BIG BOOK.


I also try to break up my strength training, in between each strength training day I have a cardio day. On my cardio days I will hop on the stairmaster, elliptical, or get outside. My current workout goal is to become an outdoor runner. This state is so beautiful and I really want to enjoy it even more. Only problem, I hate cardio, so I use Aaptiv which has a trainer in my ear pushing me. Then I feel guilty if I don't do what they say, it's like I am letting myself down. Aaptiv is awesome they have workouts for ellipticals, spinning, stairmaster, treadmills, and outdoor running, oh and race training. Then after you complete an exercise they suggest a various stretching routine, which is awesome because sometimes I don't stretch as much as I should. The other thing I love is the music soundtrack that goals along with each of the exercises, the tempo is perfect for whatever they ask for as well.


Alright, so we have the background on how I create my workouts and what I do... but what is the reasoning why?


Obviously it is good for your health. So while exercise is great for your health as well as diet. Both together can create amazing results for your body. Our bodies are meant to move, and when I don't move for a long period of time I immediately think of Wall-E (Ya know where everyone moves around via floating chairs). Any amount exercise is good for your body, you just have to want it. One of the things that have really helped me is that when I exercise frequently I don't get as many migraines. I may still get slight headaches, but moving and sweating has really helped with my migraines. Of course there are other health issues in my family, but I love that fact that I don't have as many migraines due to exercise and the change in my diet. 


So hopefully what you pull away from this is to do RESEARCH. Just because an exercise routine works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. Oh and also, change up your exercises! Don't let your body get bored of the same old routing. SHAKE IT UP & MIX IT UP!

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