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August 15, 2017


"Words generate thoughts, and thoughts change the way you perceive the world. Positive thoughts generate feelings of peacefulness and serenity, whereas negative thoughts generate anxiety, fear and doubt."

-Mark Robert Waldman

Have you ever had a complete mood change because of those around you? Do you have a hard time getting back to the positive mindset? 


It's hard to stay in a positive mindset when it feels like there is just a ton of negativity around you, especially while at work. I work with a few people who are stuck in either a negative mindset or victim mindset, and sometimes it's hard to be around those individuals.


Each day, while some days I don't feel like it, I start my day with a positive affirmation. Automatically I start thinking that the day is going to be a great day. I am a very positive individual, I always try to keep a positive mindset and the best way to create it is to start the day right off thinking positively. I have always been a very happy and positive person, however when I started reading more about the mind I have put a stronger focus on the my daily affirmation.


The quote that I started off with was in the foreword of a book I recently read. Andrea Gardner is the author of Change Your Words, Change Your World, while reading the book I had my highlighter handy for each page. I tried my hardest not to highlight EVERY THING on every single page. This book can be a very quick read and leaves you with multiple reasons on why you should change your mindset. It gives insight on how we think or say can affect other things, whether it be yourself or others and how others perceive you. I will admit that reading self-development books can be a tad bit boring at times, this one started off with her story. She provided insight on her life and journey and it drags you in pretty quickly. Without this in depth intro I can't guarantee that I would have read the book as fast as I did. 

"Every time something bad happens I can choose to be a victim or I can choose to learn from it."

-Andrea Gardner

I loved her thoughts and the research she provided to essentially back everything up that she was sharing. Essentially how we react/respond to a situation can define us and change our mood, and if we constantly carry a negative attitude or play the role of the victim it ends up defining us as a personality trait. Instead of focusing all energy on something that has upset us we should take a step back, reflect, and approach it in a different demeanor, a more positive demeanor. When we change our demeanor from playing the victim we are more likely able to start solving more problems and eventually change how others perceive us.


As a quick example, as stated previously I work with quite a few who are stuck in a negative or victim mindset, however those who are in a positive mindset can squash any negative words that are spoken, including myself. It has come to the point when someone starts speaking negatively to me, I stop and ask "Are you venting to me or are we looking for a solution?". This has stopped individuals in their track, it amazes me the number of times people stop talking to me. It becomes apparent that their negative attitude has turned into a personality trait.

"One of my strongest beliefs is that what you give out comes back to you multiplied."

-Andrea Gardner

I will end with this. My favorite chapter of the book was the one on health. This chapter brings insight on how negative thinking can also affect your health. I am a strong believer of this chapter, if a small thought can have such a huge affect on our emotions just imagine what kind of affect it has on your body. The author goes through her own experience of health issues and how they "magically" disappeared once her lifestyle and mindset changed. This chapter brought forth a lot of insight for me, I ended up reflecting on myself and observing others. The more negative a person was I started noticing the complaining of all health issues as well. While this may be purely coincidental, I was obviously fixated on it because it fit the picture of every negative person I came interacted with. 


I want to end this with a challenge, track how often you have a negative thought, and I am being serious. It is astounding how quick our mind can go to something so negative and dark. When I did this it also made me think about those who where a rubber band and snap it anytime a negative thought came in. So please, track it, and change your mindset, especially with everything that is going on right now, push yourself to think positive and get out of the dark and negative mindset. 


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