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August 12, 2017


First my sincerest apologies... I thought I scheduled this to post yesterday, like it should have for my normal Thursday post. But unfortunately my brain was somewhere else and it only got saved as a draft.


This week I am sharing with you a place that I visited recently then turned into a place that we frequent now. The place is here in Colorado Springs, so I am sorry if you are elsewhere, but please add it to your list if you ever visit this beautiful state.


Side note: you ABSOLUTELY should visit this beautiful state. There is so much to see, do, and obviously eat. I have my go-to's in the Denver area too. I want to do another 14er before the summer ends. This state is awesome!


The Collective just recently opened up and my S.O. and I drove by it and decided to check it out. I AM SO GLAD WE DID! When you first walk in it immediately provides a relaxing feel like your go to neighborhood bar, they have board games, shuffle board, and even corn hole. I don't even know how to explain the style because I suck at interior design and couldn't tell you different types of styles, I do love the exposed wood and the rustic look <--- is that a style? Oh and back to the neighborhood bar part, whether it is your first time there or the 20th you feel like you have always belonged there.


When we first walked in we decided to sit at the bar and we were handed menus. GUYS THIS MENU IS AWESOME! I wish I could just provide a photo collage of everything that we have eaten there but unfortunately I only took a picture of my Chicago Dog above. My S.O. loves corn dogs and he got a BACON-WRAPPED Corn Dog. The desserts that we have had in the past have been Peanut Butter S'mores and Funnel Cake Fries. Both were awesome and we have yet to be disappointed. I need to meet the person who created the menu because it is BOMB! One day I may just sit there and eat, that way I can try everything on the menu. 


So since we have discovered this place we have been there either weekly or every other week because we have an addiction. Serious addiction, my S.O. is stuck on the BACON-WRAPPED Corn Dog. We seem to only go when one person is working there, she swears there are other people there but I am starting to doubt it, so we have gotten to know only one person.


Recently they paired up with a large brewery that is here in Colorado and had a food and beer pairing, it was a 5 course meal and each meal was paired with a different beer. I thought that was freaking awesome too! We unfortunately didn't get to attend because of our current work schedules, but I am hoping they will do it again in the near future.


Hopefully my picture provides justice on just how awesome this place is. Now I am stuck thinking about that damn hot dog. 

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