My Relationship with Traveling

August 9, 2017


I have a love/hate relationship with traveling... meaning I love traveling, and visiting with people, and seeing site, and enjoying life.... I just hate when I have to come back to reality or dealing with the airport part.


Coming back to reality after this past weekend was a little bit harder. Actually EXTREMELY HARD! We had so much fun spending time with family and watching the union of two of my favorite people. If I wanted to provide anyone an example of love, this couple would be in my top 10... no top 5 list of examples. The wedding was on a farm and had the most beautiful pond as a back drop. When the ceremony started I can tell you there was not a dry eye there. It was a magical, beautiful, and loving ceremony with a little bit of giggles.


In addition to the ceremony there was fun and games at the reception. The atmosphere was definitely fun and relaxed with corn hole and croquet to play. In addition to the celebration of love... let me tell you about the AWESOME desserts! They were mini pies! (The picture is of those fantastic pies) I got my own individual pie y'all and it was divine! The pie of choice for me was Toasted Coconut. I am seriously still having dreams about it. I want to replay the wedding weekend over and over, and not just for the pies, I mean that would be a plus but spending time with everyone was a blast.

The wedding took place in my S.O.'s home town and it was fun to see all the places he has told me about. I loved seeing the spots of where he got his first ticket, accident, the home he grew up in, and how he threw house parties without getting caught. It was definitely fun hearing him reminisce about his childhood and laugh to himself when he was reliving a memory. I am so happy that I can now picture everything too when he shares another story. His town is so small that it has only just a few stoplights and you can almost blink driving through and miss everything. 


I'm still thinking about the mini pies and I lost my train of thought.


While we were on the farm helping out with the wedding preparations I also took advantage of staying somewhat active... which means I played on the hay bales with the kiddos and used them to exercise. It was my first time playing on hay bales and it definitely takes balance when you are running across them. It was a lot of fun and at the same time such a workout. Who knew running on hay bales would need to be added to some kind of bucket list. If you have never done that before... please add it on your list now!


Now to the somewhat negative, without blasting airlines on here, over the years I have slowly... and I mean SLOWLY determined which airlines I like and which ones I hate. This most recent trip we used two different airlines because of the times we wanted to travel. 


On the way there I was traveling with an airline that is my least favorite, and what cracked me up the most before even traveling is that when I booked the flight it had given me the warning 30 days in advance that the flight I have chosen is known to be delayed 70% of the time. If it is delayed this often for this specific flight, why warn customers instead of looking into trying to fix the process? Anyways during the flight I tried to sleep but I was only semi successful, the seats have been changed and they don't recline, and unfortunately I have yet to master the art of sleeping while sitting straight up. After the flight it was pretty smooth sailing from there and we were able to get our bags quicker than usual. Once we waited 45 minutes to an hour waiting for our bags to just show up at baggage claim.


The flight back was a complete 180, remember different airline. Seats were comfortable, flight left early, and we were on the shuttle back to our car in 20 minutes after exiting the plane. 20 MINUTES! I rode the train from the terminal to baggage claim, got our bag, and then got on the shuttle to our car. The baggage claim was already spinning and spitting out bags as we were walking up to it. SO FAST! I couldn't believe how different the two airlines were. I looked at my S.O. and told him never again with the first airline unless we absolutely have to. I was amazed at the difference, especially when retrieving bags.


We have another trip in less than a month, we will travel twice in the month of September. We are going on a cruise over labor day weekend and then to his mother's wedding at the end of the month. I am super excited for both, on both trips we are experiencing new adventures together and I am super excited for it. This week we will start looking into the excursions with the cruise and try book the ones we definitely cannot miss. 


Can we talk about those pies again? 

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