Reading is good for your soul

August 8, 2017

The goal for my blog is to not only share tidbits about my life but to also share about what I have read. For the next few months I will post just once a month, and then once I finish school and able to read more than just finance books then I will be able to start posting more and more about something I am passionate about... OBVIOUSLY it is BOOKS!


I read all sorts of genres... and when I say all sorts of genres I really do mean all sorts. I can go from your $0.99 dirty romance to a self-help book. I read about health and wellness and then the next will be a mystery. I seriously go from one end of the spectrum to the next. 

Also, let's side track a little bit about self-help books. I hate that the genre is labeled self-help. It has a negative connotation to it and I absolutely hate that. Strongly hate it. I have been judged of for reading self-help or professional development books, but what I can tell you is that those who judge are the ones who are not confident in themselves.


So to get back on track, this area is to share everything under the sun that I am reading. What I loved, hated, and thought during my adventure through the book of choice. Since I read quite a wide variety I also sometimes go through phases, meaning while I do read each genre I may get stuck on an author or genre and can't get out of it. I was stuck on Philippa Gregory for the longest time. I have all of her books listed in chronological order... ya know just in case I get sucked back into her world. 


So hopefully ya'll will stick with me and provide me with book recommendations over time. I have a Goodreads profile. Just click on the link and it will take you there... but just a warning. Please be patient. I am still building my Goodreads profile and importing everything from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 



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