Y'all It's August

August 2, 2017

Did you guys realize that it's August? Fuckin August already?! I mean where did the rest of the year go? Seriously? That's a legitimate question people! 


This year is also the season of weddings for us. So we have been traveling a lot together... Oh and let me tell you... you don't really know your relationship until you travel with your S.O. over and over. We've traveled a lot before together but this year was heavier. Thankfully I'm not doing it alone, I may have gone crazy and then changed my RSVP to no for the rest of the year. I also think because of all the planning, then traveling, then planning again, then traveling... I think you get the idea, has made this year fly by faster than usual for us, we have constantly been in the future. It's August guys! I mean this is usually when I start planning for the holidays!


I don't even have kids and when I think about how fast time flies and what we take for advantage I get just a tad bit emotional! Mainly because I think "Oh man I was going to accomplish so much this year!" That statement makes it seem like I have already given up. Listen up here chica, there is still time left to reach different goals, to try new things, and to start new goals. Time moves as fast as you want it to, and as I previously stated, time has moved extremely fast for me this year because I have been constantly planning for the next thing. 


This year I started this blog. When I started it, I thought I have to go all in, what do I have to lose? Just my time, right? We have all the time in the world, and if I truly believe in sharing my thoughts and things I believe in then I am absolutely not wasting my time. If you only spend time on things you absolutely love then you have never wasted a minute in your life. 


My S.O. and I love adventures. Do we love every adventure we embark? Not really? But we love the memories we create and that's what matters. He has things he loves and I have mine, why should I torture him and have him sit through the things I love if I know it may just cause a fight later, all because he didn't react or respond as I hoped/wanted? I'm setting myself up for failure instead of enjoyment. So yes, you may be doing some things you love alone and some things with others, but it's never time wasted because it was on things you enjoy most. 


So yes this year has moved so quickly, but let me tell you... I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. 

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