Oh Migraines

July 26, 2017



Yes the topic is migraines. Like what can be so interesting about migraines? Nothing you guys! NOTHING! They are insanely painful! But I am here to share with you what I have been going through the past year or so.


A little over a year ago I started getting migraines. Why? Still trying to figure that crap out. I mean I wish it was just a cut and paste answer but unfortunately it OBVIOUSLY can't be that easy. I thought at first it was external factors, maybe it still is... maybe it isn't. The human body is crazy you guys. Anyways lets get back on track. So I was prescribed what I like to call my magic pills. I take them at night before bed because they cause drowsiness, and when I say they cause drowsiness, I mean I am passing out, dead to the world, kind of sleep. Then the next morning I have a hard time waking up, like I am groggy as all hell for the first few hours. When I first got on these pills it took me a while to get used to them because I was/am the type of person who would wake up at 4:30 am to work out and eat a healthy breakfast before going to work. After I started taking these pills I would sleep until the last minute and eat on the go.


Over time I eventually got used to these pills and got back into my routine... YAY! Unfortunately, I still had slight headaches through out the day but they were able to be taken care of with Excedrin or Tylenol.


Until recently... I missed my first day of work due to a migraine. I had never had one so bad that I got physically ill. I spent the day laying in our basement in the complete dark. I took some medicine to help me pass out. When I woke up I finally felt relief. I still had the migraine but I was back to being functional. I immediately made an appointment with my doctor. After spending some time with her it was determined that we were going to try a higher dosage. So here I am trying to get used to the higher dosage and trying to get back into my routine.


The new dosage has me sleeping a lot longer and heavier, which is killing me when I am in my final stretch of my Master's degree. Which has also led me to increase my knowledge on migraines, I have done more and more research on what can prompt these migraines since I feel like they are happening more and more, and I have increased my research on what I can do to not only relieve them but to try and help prevent them. Through some of my research I am already finding that I already do some of the suggestions to prevent a migraine. I also realized that anytime I get a migraine the first question people ask is "How much water do you drink?". Folks I drink close to and if not more than 100 oz a day. All I drink is water except for my one cup of coffee in the morning. Yes, you read that correctly, close to 100 oz, and yes I use the restroom frequently. 

Exercising has helped relieve the beginning stages of a migraine. Half way through the day when I get the aura I just know the day will end with a splitting migraine. So some days after work I will run to the gym before heading home. Even if I just exercise for 15-20 minutes I can feel the relief. I exercise frequently, I am now looking into splitting my workouts, maybe strength in the morning and then cardio in the evening just to help prevent the migraines. 


I am also looking into changing my diet. There will be a few follow up posts soon about the diet changes I am making to try and accomplish this, however I will hint that with my research I have constantly been led to information on a Whole30 and Paleo lifestyle. In a couple weeks I will start Day 1 of Whole30 in the middle of traveling. So I am sure that post will be fun for anyone who has embarked on the Whole30 Journey.


So for those of you who experience migraines... What are your go-to reliefs? How do you prevent said migraines? 


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