Well Hello There Alcohol

July 21, 2017

As previously stated I listen to podcasts. ALL THE TIME. I listen to podcasts so often that when I turn on the damn radio I have no idea what the heck is playing. Seriously ya'll my playlist is old.


So anyways back to the said podcast, I was listening to an old episode of a show I listen to... when I say old... the episode came out almost a year ago. That's beside the point, the topic is still relevant unlike my taste in music.


This podcast cracks me up. She is real, not that everyone else is fake, but she doesn't censor herself I guess I should say instead of saying she is real. She's in Colorado, so I guess because of that reason I love her even more, but talking her up isn't the reason of this post.


In the podcast that I was listening to it was about alcohol. In the episode she talks about how individuals complain about not being able to lose weight and when she suggests to cut out alcohol they end up being baffled. I have suggested the same things to others and the response I get is "I can't do that".


What do you mean you can't do that? Do you mean you don't want to? Or are you telling me you have a problem? Because those are two very different things. VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. Two. Very. Different. Things.


So stick with me and think about it. Think about what you are putting in your body when you drink, it's not just the alcoholic beverage it's also the food that is ingested as well. But let's go back to the alcohol.


I personally cut back on my alcohol intake. Why? Because my drink of choice when I go out is craft beer. Do you know how many calories and shit I am putting in my body with one pint? Do ya? One of my favorites is over calories. And if any of you post on here that I should drink like Bud Light or Coors Light. That's not the reasoning of this post. I am not going to substitute one bad thing for another because of the number of calories. FLAVOR IS IMPORTANT TO ME. Whatever your drink of choice is, look up the caloric content, as well as the sugar, because that is just as high.


My point is yes you can work out, yes you can eat well, but what you drink is just as important. Drinking on the weekends with your friends is having an affect on your workout during the week. It's having an effect on the results your hoping for each week. And it is delaying your goals.


Now you can think I am crazy and ignore me and stop reading my posts, but do your own research and invest in your health.


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