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I hate about me's. It almost feels like writing the about me section on a dating website. We will start with the basics, I'm Ally, and welcome to my site. 

I do use the occasional cuss word, especially when I am very passionate about a subject matter. So I will provide that as a warning... Reader Beware! 

I will say this blog is a variety of all things I am passionate about. I care about my health, my brain, and my friends and family. While my background is in Finance, and I will share more about that later, I will share various recipes, health and fitness posts as well. These posts will be from my own experience and research, in no way am I telling you to take my advice or input. What I can promise you, anything that I tell you that provides any kind of scientific fact I will provide you where I got that information from. Knowledge is Power. 


Contact: MyWorldofSunshine@gmail.com

Hmmm... about me. I hate about me's. While I can get on a soap box and talk forever about what I am passionate about, I can truly say I do not like talking about myself whatsoever. 


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About Me
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